We are witnessing a coordinated effort by the Left to get President Trump to utter some sort of formulaic denunciation of so-called “white supremacy”. There can be no doubt that this is an effort hatched at the highest levels of the globalist totalitarian movement to which the American Democratic Party now belongs. It started at the first presidential debate and has since continued unabated, with one of the mid-level officers in the global armies of evil, Canadian PM Trudeau, even volunteering to show Trump how it’s done by pronouncing the magic words himself.

Since this effort is of such primary importance to our enemies, it behooves us to understand the motivations behind it and formulate a strategy by which it can be rendered impotent.

The phrase “white supremacy” is an extremely negative brand, with connotations of tattooed skinheads hunting down blacks, Jews, and homosexuals, just like the Nazis used to do. In reality, of course, these people, this criminal element, while it does exist in America, constitutes one of the smallest if not THE smallest subsets of American criminals. These people are exceedingly few in number, most of them highly marginalized, many suffering from mental disorders. They pose some danger for sure, but much less than other criminal gangs that go by names like Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

The globalist masters know all of this, it goes without saying, yet they choose to make a big deal of it. Why? Is it just to tie Trump to this anchor of a highly negative brand? Perhaps. But then we have to ask ourselves why doesn’t the president just acquiesce to their wishes and utter the formula they demand of him. Yes, we all know that he has already said something similar in Charlottesville, but the question arises why he just doesn’t repeat it as often as he is asked or even call up a press conference and open it by saying the magic words. After all, this can hardly hurt him with his base, which is as disgusted with the few “white supremacists” out there as anyone and it can help him with undecided voters, with women, with minorities, and if nothing else, deflect the Left’s major line of attack against him.

The answer is that the leaders of the global Left know that the definition of “white supremacy” that is understood by the majority of Americans is nothing but a misdirection. The real definition of the “white” part of “white supremacy”, the real object of the denunciation that they wish to extract from Trump is quite different; it is has nothing to do with skin color, nothing to do with genetics or ethnicity, nothing to do with Christianity, and everything to do with individual Liberty, with the Western Civilization, and with the guarantor of both in the United States, the American Constitution.

To our putative globalist slavemasters, the word “white” is synonymous with the word “Constitution” as in “Constitutional Republic”. It has nothing to do with individuals and everything to do with political philosophy and cultural legacy; the political philosophy of limited government and the cultural legacy of Judeo-Christian beliefs. 

The belief in a Creator from Whom, and only from Whom, stem our unalienable rights is “white”. The belief in the sanctity of all life, that of the unborn and that of the soon to pass, is “white”. The belief in government as the servant of the people rather than the other way around is “white”. The belief in private property as the foundation of all civilized society is “white”. The belief in law and order, which, if needed, can be upheld by properly constituted citizen militias, is “white”. The belief in equality before the law is “white”. The belief in judges who interpret rather than make laws, i.e. the belief in the separation of powers is “white”. The belief in said laws being passed by the duly elected representatives of the people after proper and sufficient deliberation is “white”. In summary, the belief that “all men are created equal and endowed by the Creator with certain unalienable rights among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” is “white”.

Now there is some truth to that notion. These beliefs are the distillation of political, religious, and moral teachings that originated in the axis between Jerusalem and Athens, filtered through Rome, matured in Northern Europe, and found their ultimate expression in the Thirteen Colonies on the eastern edge of the North American continent. If that makes them “white”, so be it. What is beyond doubt is that these beliefs and their implementation in the realms of the West have elevated the condition of every human being of every ethnic origin beyond measure. These beliefs gave us due process, penicillin, airplanes, and smartphones. These beliefs, far from engendering chattel slavery, are the mechanism of its demise. These beliefs and they alone made the world we are living in today.

Interestingly, the original Nazis, just like their modern-day successors in the Globalist Progressive movement, were anti-white. They called themselves Iranian (Aryan), rejected Germany’s Christian humanist tradition, which up until then had been second to none, and fought with many genetically “white” people from England to France and from Norway to Russia. Far from embracing “whiteness”, the German National Socialists rejected it in its entirety. Of the many Orwellian double-speak terms that we are bombarded by today, lumping together the “whiteness” of the American Founding Fathers and their exact diametric opposites the Nazis, is by far the worst and the most dangerous. 

The Globalists define “white” as “Western”, with everything that the term implies. To them, the American Constitution itself is “white”. In fact, it is the definition of “white” and since the Constitution is supreme in America, it defines the Constitutional Republic in which it reigns as “white supremacist”. To the Globalists, “white supremacists” are not a subset of Americans, small or large, who believe themselves by virtue of their skin pigmentation to be superior to others. Rather, to them, “white supremacists” are all Americans who love America as a Constitutional Republic and who love the Constitution upon which it is founded. 

To the Globalists, any American who recites the Pledge of Allegiance⏤means it is a “white supremacist”, which is why they can never bring themselves to say it without choking on their own words. 

If “white supremacy” equals America and its Constitution, and if the Pledge of Allegiance is the explicit expression of loyalty to the same, then an explicit and formulaic denunciation of “white supremacy” is in fact a kind of an anti-Pledge of Allegiance, a final and irrevocable betrayal of America, and a full alignment with America’s deadliest enemies.

The destruction of the “white supremacist” American Constitutional Republic was the “transformation” that one of the Globalist generals, Barack Obama was pledging his allegiance to. This transformation is very nearly complete.

President Trump, perhaps intellectually, perhaps instinctively, and perhaps both understands that when it is demanded of him that he “denounce” “white supremacy”, what is really being asked of him is that he betray America, a country which he loves and which forms the entirety of his own individual identity. 

Many Jews, many Christians, were put to death because they refused to renounce their individual identities. An Austrian farmer by the name of Franz Jagerstatter went to the Nazi gallows in 1943 rather than pledge allegiance to Hitler and thus denounce his own identity as a Catholic, a Westerner, a “white” person, if you like. 

If President Trump loses his reelection bid because he refused to betray America by uttering the anti-Pledge of Allegiance that is being demanded of him, he would have done the country that he loves a great service. Trump’s reelection, important as it is, is less important than what is in the hearts of patriotic Americans. Trump may, God forbid, lose. It is a probable, outcome. America and with it the West are likely to be, at least in the short term, defeated by the forces of darkness. But what can never be defeated is what is in our hearts. If we remain true to the ideals that made the world so immeasurably freer and more prosperous, nothing, no one, can ever truly enslave us. 

If they, our sworn enemies, wish to call these ideals “white”, if they wish that other ideals, the ideals of collectivism, of thought control, and of the hive mind be supreme to the ideals of the West, then call me, a Jew, a proud White Supremacist.

I will forever be on the side of people of all skin colors and religions who uphold the principles outlined in the American Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence.

Political battles are not the end, only a means to it. Winning by expediency, by succumbing to the forces of evil, and by becoming no better than the worst among them is what the never-trumpers are all about. These people are the kapos of the Western Civilization. Led by an actual, self-avowed, and unrepentant kapo wannabe Soros, they are among the worst traitor scum in history. 

If we have to lose because historical forces are arraigned against us, let us lose and remain free rather than “win” as slaves. Let us trust in the Plan. In His plan, that is.