Wherever You Go… Be There.

Yes Dad, I can hear you… Sorry, I’ve sort of got a lot of things going on right now. No, I don’t need to call back. Give me a sec. Okay, shoot. What’s new, what’s exciting, what’s shakin’ ? And go… 
Most of my conversations start this way (as many in my Life will attest to in a snarky tone). It’s either That, or a full-blown light speed summary. I of course, include as much detail as possible to ‘paint the picture’ surrounding the gap since the Last conversation. The duration of said conversation, varies according to the breath I’ve allowed myself before beginning or until the recipient has passed out due to mental exhaustion from the ride. Once I’ve Life-purged, I am now able to resume at the speed comfortable to my fellow humans and focus on what they want to share with me.
Which poses the questions… What’s the hurry? When did I allow my world to get So complicated?!
Is there a reason that I need to do laundry, have the T.V. on in the background, write out my shopping list, answer texts, read emails, figure out what I’m ordering for dinner delivery AND ‘catch up’ with my People ALL at the same time? What Is this reason?
Do I believe in some way, that I am squeezing that last quality drop out of each moment? When did I start forgetting how to enjoy the simplicity of connection? What am I afraid of not having enough time to do? Why am I missing out on what’s happening right now? 
The Cow seems to get it. 

Photo location Liscannor – Lislarkin North, Ireland
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