I want to take you back in time. I want to tell you about a simple statement that rocked my world and packed a power-full punch for everyone in the room.

The words were spoken so quietly, so softly, they would have been easy to miss – and yet, everyone stopped, sat up and took notice.

It was a few years ago now. I was with a group of people in a side room at a business expo. Beyond the hustle and bustle of the show, I was leading a group of business owners and execs on a ‘Make It Happen’ Masterclass.

It was all about setting goals, creating clear intentions – making an action plan for the future each person in the room wanted to create.

Picture it: some in the room were suited and booted, perfect hair and designer labels, some were in smart separates, a few were more casually dressed, but still absolutely in business mode.

There was a ripple of business ego and oneupmanship – you know that feeling that sometimes creeps up at corporate gatherings? That subtle, insecurity-driven boasting that has people citing big numbers and casually dropping their ‘successes’ into the conversation?

It came to one of the most pivotal points of the masterclass – the moment at which each individual was asked to share what they wanted to achieve, what they wanted their future to look like.

And that’s when it happened…

While others were getting themselves tied up over the elusive ‘it’ they were seeking and running the usual conditioned responses about “financial freedom”, “security” and needing to have “enough”, one lady quietly mentioned that she used to work in palliative care, and not once had she heard anyone nearing the end of life say they wished they’d made more money.

Everybody stopped speaking, a few pens dropped onto the table top and then, silence.

What’s really important?

The lady took a breath, then continued.

She said, when she’d worked with people nearing the end of life, they told her they wished they’d spent more time with their families, got outdoors more, maybe kissed their crush back in their school days, even married the ‘other’ one.

Never, she said, had she ever heard someone in their final hours say they wished they’d spent extra time in the office, floated on the stock market, bought more companies or made more money.

It’s true, isn’t it?

People might look back and say they wish they’d spent more time with the kids, told people they loved them, enjoyed more of the outdoors, never said those angry words… but when it really matters, when we’re looking back over our lives, will we really be wishing we’d spent more of our time building our cash reserves?

What’s REALLY important to you?
I want you to take a moment, right now.

I want you to think about what’s *really* important for you.

If time was running out for you, what would you want to do with the moments you had left?

When you look back over your life, what would be the high points?

Would there be any regrets?

When you’ve had those realisations, coming back to the now, what do you need to change?

Stop. Breathe. Realise.

Take time to smell the flowers AS WELL AS the coffee.

Tell that person you love them.


Check in with your authentic self – what do you really want from life?

There’s no point in stockpiling cash if it takes you away from all the *really* important things.

Family. Friends. Loved ones. The great outdoors. Fun. Spirituality. Helping and encouraging others. Adventure. Whatever it is that floats your boat.

Sure – have ambitions.

Sure – have an amazing intention to aim for. Have several. But please, please, know WHY you’re doing it and let it be about more than dollars.

Until next time,