When the Mind Gives Up

Being able to spot and stop the gradual ‘chipping away’ of a person’s true self through bullying, criticism, and other of life’s traumatic experiences are some of the keys to preventing suicide especially in teens. On the show today my guest Jenna and I talk about teen suicide and the show “13 Reasons Why,” a show on that topic…

According to the American Foundation for suicide prevention “Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the US, 44,193 Americans die by suicide each year.” The rate of suicide is growing and things like social media and the disconnect between parents and children are some of the contributors to this problem.

Jenna Smith goes on to say that another problem with teen suicide is the fact that the frontal cortex in their brain does not fully develop until the age of 26. This is the part of the brain where the person realizes that bad situations are not going to last forever. They can’t see the forest for the trees and can’t logically analyze the problem for what it is. Therefore, teenagers can feel helpless and hopeless as a result and sometimes resort to suicide as the answer. This is a sobering show in which Jenna provides some things that people can do to help prevent suicide and signs to look for in a person thinking of committing suicide.

Jenna Smith is an Ontological Coach and Shamanic Intuitive.  Jenna has had great success working with clients in all areas of their lives including relationships, career, confidence, health, and life purpose. She guides her clients through the complicated areas of life and helps make them simple. As Jenna explains: “Most people shove everything into this place inside of them and they kinda lock it down and keep it there so that when they do access their feelings it’s an overwhelming experience because they’re accessing years and years and layers and layers it’s because that’s all they knew.”

This show is dedicated to Kelly Murphy, a former host here at AMERICA OUT LOUD who committed suicide last year, a woman with a warm smile and a big heart, but who was hiding a life of pain. We miss and love you Kelly!

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