Making sure our elected officials do what they are supposed to do, and that they do it legally, morally, and fairly is vitally important for every American citizen. The idea is to keep everyone honest so the work of the people is done for our benefit and not for the benefit of some hidden cabal of elites or a bunch of billionaires who can manipulate the system with their cash. Oversight has a legitimate place, if done right. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out that way.

Let’s take a look at some recent congressional oversight gambits, specifically the fake, phony and clearly illegal impeachment attack on Donald Trump. From the days before the inauguration of the 45th President, right up until today, we have seen an all-out attack by many groups, all aligned with one mission, the destruction of Trump and his presidency. We know who these groups are, they make no effort to hide themselves.

Before we all take a deep breath and say this is old news, lets reflect on some very recent comments by the US Attorney General William Barr that will shed some light on the story, a story that has taken a back seat to the scourge of plague and pandemic in recent months, but is just as important, if not more so.

AG Barr appeared on camera and said the investigation into Trump collusion with Russia was started without basis and amounted to an effort to “sabotage the presidency”. That means, in plain English, it was a set up.

AG William Barr

This comment alone should have set off every bell and whistle in the media, an American centric media⏤you know the people who are supposed to be on the team of the people of US citizens in reporting the news of the day, should have been screaming this from the roof tops.

These words did not come from a talk show host or a writer, or even from a partisan member of a political party, these words and the damning implications they carry, came from the Attorney General of the United States of America! 

The man said it was a hoax, do we all get that? Do we understand the weight of that reality? This short comment, made in public, has peeled away the veneer of any coverup the media can muster now or has built up until now. A crime was perpetrated on the American people, Donald Trump, the office of President, our constitution and our very liberty, and yet….. the sound of crickets.

Instead of blazing headlines and breathless TV news reporting⏤the biggest story to rock our country in decades, we get minor mentions of AG Barr’s comments with snarky side of the mouth comments to the effect that⏤he’s a supporter of the president and he offers no proof of his allegations. How do we interpret this set of facts and events, because interpret it we must if our country is to continue as a republic?

The implications of the snarky side comments is that AG Barr is a partisan and is willing to forgo any sense of integrity or professionalism and throw his career down the rat hole simply to protect Donald Trump, who as any of the throng of left wing media types and anti-Trump Republicans will tell you⏤is guilty of everything he has been accused of. On top of that, it also implies that AG Barr is willing to betray his oath, his country, his family honor and allow a criminal president to continue in office, to be a traitor to his country. 

The insinuation is scandalous, there is no evidence whatsoever that AG Barr has done or is willing to do any of those things, in fact, it is quite the contrary, he has shown patience, soberness of thought and deliberation in his pursuit of understanding what took place in the back alleys of congress, the CIA and the FBI when this plot was hatched and executed.

Let me clue everyone in. When the Attorney General, who is privy to all of the evidence, the recordings, the reports, the testimony and the margin notes from investigations says publicly it was a hoax, it is because he has seen the facts. He is not speculating on the latest media spin or conspiracy story, he is not imagining what might have happened, he is giving us insight into this national betrayal by many of our leaders and institutions. Do you get how big this is? I do.

These were traitorous acts against each one of us, against freedom and it endangers our very liberty. This betrayal is exactly what the founding fathers feared, this is the insiders deciding how things should be, who should run the government and rule over your life. If this stands, if this goes unpunished, and I don’t mean three or four low level FBI people or DOJ people taking a hit, I mean anyone who was a part of this attempted coup d’état must be taken down publicly regardless of their money, power, fame or position. If we don’t, then I predict we will be on the last road of a democratic representative republic and self-government⏤an era of tyranny will emerge to engulf us all. It is that serious and that dangerous.

If we allow this to destroy a president, in conjunction with the media, along with politicians on both sides of the aisle who oppose his positions⏤they will do it again, only next time they won’t leave any clues or trace of their actions. We will be defeated without a fight.

Let us never forget, this entire ugly situation is here for us to debate and ponder only because no one thought Donald Trump would win the presidency. The traitors never thought their actions and deeds would be seen in the light of day. Had Hillary Clinton won the election, all of this, every bit of it would have been covered up and buried for all time, and neither you or I would’ve known a damn thing about it. 

That is the lesson to be learned here, and don’t think the perpetrators haven’t learned that lesson, they will not make the same mistake the next time, no matter which set of perpetrators is at the helm. They will know they can get away with it.    

My attention now turns to the other treasonous actions going on right in front of us, only when we see these things, as blatant as they are, about 50% of us don’t care or turn a blind eye because it suits our political leanings and beliefs. I’m talking about the congressional investigations that followed the coup d’état attempt on President Trump⏤the Mueller investigation and the impeachment. 

These things are a natural flow from the feted and corrupt attacks on Trump and were meant to cover up the truth of what happened. We witnessed months of a trial based on bogus evidence and made up dossiers, faked testimony and biased media coverage⏤all meant to drive the presidents ratings down and separate those who voted for him, from him so he would be weakened and vulnerable to the onslaught they were preparing. 

Where is Mr. Schiff’s undeniable evidence of collusion, he assured us he had?

Why have we not seen a congressional or senate committee hearing where Schiff explains himself under oath and in public? Don’t hold your breath. But Schiff is not alone, he is one of many actors who have been allowed to slink back to the darkness to plot again another day.

The impeachment hearings and the Mueller investigation made it clear that this was a hoax and that we the American people had been betrayed. Where is our media to tell us the truth, you know the paragons of virtue who preach to us daily about how we should live, the “speak truth to power” crowd. They are nowhere to be seen, and in fact that are just gearing up for their next biased, politically motivated attack on the Trump administration. They are working with the congressional members on the next impeachment plan⏤the Covid-19 investigations. There is no end to this treachery.

The media, not all, but clearly most, have taken sides, the truth be damned. They have acted in a treasonous fashion and sullied their once great profession for as long as we can see. Does anyone trust them today? Can you believe anything you hear or read? We cannot, and that is proof of their nefarious activities and collusion and the destruction of trust that should exist between the American people and the media at all levels. We have been betrayed here as well. 

It is the upcoming circus and investigations that we can all anticipate, just as much as the sun coming up. At the first opportunity, Nancy Pelosi will begin her new investigations and we will hear every manner of wrongdoing by Donald Trump, whether purposeful or due to some incompetence or greed motive they will allege and tack on his desire to kill certain people with the virus. I would not be surprised in the least to hear a story at some point over the summer where we learn of “Anonymous sources” who fear for their lives and the lives of their family that Trump will kill them, but still they must let us know, they must blow the whistle⏤Trump and Ivanka created the Covid-19 virus in their secret lab!

Would you be that surprised to hear that story?

It is here my friends that my passion and concerns must be harnessed. I fear for our country. But not from foreign enemy as much as domestic enemies who seek to change our country, wrest their power back and delude our rights. Treason is a real thing. Oversight is a real thing. Oversight is needed for our protection from people who would abuse power. But when oversight is used as the instrument of abuse, we are all in danger, and that is treasonous. 

Image: Reuters