May 17, 2021

May 17, 2021

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When Freedom’s Institutions Fail Us

by | Jan 10, 2021 |

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On last week’s episode, Malcolm and Michael predicted that the week to come would prove a defining one for the nation. That certainly proved prescient. In this week’s Episode 24 of Viewpoint Presents with Malcolm and Michael Johns, Malcolm and Michael discuss this historic week, which featured hundreds of thousands of Americans descending on Washington, D.C. on January 6 to express their opposition to election fraud and irregularities, a Trump speech in which the president promised never to concede, a riot at the Capitol–and the shooting death of a Trump supporter–after Capitol Police inexplicably opened the Capitol doors to protesters, and the left’s efforts to minimize the final weeks of Trump’s term with social media canceling his accounts and Congressional opponents planning his second impeachment proceedings.

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But Malcolm and Michael describe how all this is just a continuation of intense institutional resistance to Trump that dates back to the beginning of his candidacy in 2015. The real factor inflaming Americans has nothing to do with anything Trump said in his January 6 speech, but in witnessing the failure of their governmental institutions–courts, Governors, and Congress–to address vast allegations of voter fraud. The result is mounting frustration with America’s governing institutions and a sense of continued disrespect by the establishment for the tens of millions of Americans who supported and still support the nationalist Make America Great Again agenda.

In just a week, American liberty has been considerably diminished as unregulated social media companies exert their influence in canceling accounts of the president and many of his key allies, and half the nation sees the 2020 presidential election as a fraudulent one that, left unaddressed, may prove permanently destructive to representative democracy. The challenge is now significant. Traditional leaders did not live up to expectations these past few weeks. Americans must seek out new and bold leaders who can unify and lead a grassroots effort comparable or even larger to what America’s Tea Party movement did in leading victorious takeovers of the U.S. House in 2010, the U.S. Senate in 2014, and paving the ground for an improbable populist presidential win in 2016. This time will prove even more challenging. But America’s history has one recurring theme: Don’t bet against the American people or their resolve. The future of cherished liberty and representative democracy now rests with whether the American people are prepared and motivated to once again rise to its defense.

Listen to Hour One, Viewpoint This Sunday: “Peacefully and Patriotically Make Your Voices Heard” – There are multiple reports of foreign interference in America’s elections that would have greatly changed the outcome. How true are these reports? There are multiple first-hand reports from people on the ground physically at the rally who are now reporting the many oddities they witnessed days before leading up to the January 6 rally in Washington DC. Listen in to the full program, and you be the judge!

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Malcolm is the publisher of America Out Loud, host of ‘The Voice of a Nation’ and ‘Viewpoint This Sunday.’ He is the founder of America Out Loud Talk Radio and America Out Loud Podcast Network. Malcolm is a Speaker, Author & Founder of Brink Thinking. His previous career as the ‘big idea catalyst’ in marketing and creative director of television and radio advertising spanned over two decades.

Malcolm launched America Out Loud in April 2016 after an extensive career in broadcasting and business marketing. He has been a daily voice on the America Out Loud Talk Radio airwaves bringing some of the world's leading newsmakers and informed discussions on the issues confronting our world and nation. For over five years, Malcolm has been a driving force behind America Out Loud's growth, including bringing some of the most insightful programming and online journalism available today. America Out Loud provides an outlet for a vast and growing audience looking for news and analysis without the usual liberal media spin.

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“Peacefully and Patriotically Make Your Voices Heard” | America Out Loud
1 month ago

[…] us for Hour 2 with a new episode of Viewpoint Presents with Malcolm and Michael Johns. When Freedom’s Institutions Fail Us – In just a week, American liberty has been considerably diminished as unregulated social […]

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