When was the last time you felt awe and wonder for the world around you? 

When did you last stop not only to smell the flowers, but to wonder what makes their scent so beautiful? 

When did you last look down at the earth beneath your feet outdoors and marvel at the expanse of life growing there? 

When did you stop being amazed and asking questions?

Do you know what I’m talking about? That magical, childlike wonder that encourages us to look at the world in a different way, to take in the sheer awesomeness of the elements, the planet and all who share her; that beautiful, bright, shining inquisitiveness that encourages us to explore, to grow and to SEE what so many people miss as they stomp through life.

My spiritual teachers referred to this element of the self as The Starchild (it’s a really fitting title, isn’t it?). The Starchild is one of several elements that makes up the human ‘whole’, and it’s the part of us that keeps the magic alive and helps us to walk in beauty.

Rigid doctrine

Not too long ago, I was watching a documentary on TV which focused on a fundamentalist Christian group. What became really apparent was that nobody seemed to think for themselves or to ask questions. 

Despite their claims of a deep connection to the divine, they seemed to take much for granted and lived by a set of rigid rules and doctrine, dictated by their leaders. The ‘light’ from The Starchild seemed to have been extinguished in each and every one of them.

This led to some interesting discussions with some friends of mine who were raised in organised religions (and, to be clear, I’m absolutely not putting all organised religion in the same category as a fundamentalist church) and were taught, it seems, from a very early age to not question the ‘rules’.

One of these unspoken rules seemed to be that the teachings passed down to them are accepted and lived by; there’s no room for doubt, reason or disagreement.

If we learn to blindly follow without question, if we learn to judge and to live in the head and in negative emotions, the beauty, innocence and magical qualities of The Starchild might become buried, deep, deep down, never to marvel at the light again. If the Starchild thrives on doing, seeing, adventuring, questioning, exploring and seeing the beauty and life in all things, doesn’t this contrast directly with dogmatic teachings?

Switching off

If dogma effectively kills The Starchild, it’s a problem not only confined to some of the stricter organised religions, but also found in politics, science, business and, perhaps, even with some adults and peers we might come across during our childhood.

If we’re taught to switch off that bright-eyed, innocent, delightfully inquisitive part of ourselves, we’re learning to close down our Starchild.

Insisting there’s a scientific explanation for everything, stubbornly pointing to biblical texts at every turn, insisting something is right because it fits with a political system or steadfastly holding on to a starchy, pretended ‘adult’ view of the world at large does not a Starchild make.

The Starchild understands the magic of the mystery; that some things aren’t meant to be understood by us humans… yet The Starchild gazes in awe and wonder anyway. And that’s beautiful, isn’t it?

Wowzers! Look at all that green stuff!

When someone asks me to explain what I mean by that Starchild energy, I encourage them to think about a puppy when it first ventures outdoors. ‘Oh wow! Look! A blade of grass! Oh wowzers! Another blade of grass! Look… everyone… there’s grass here too! Isn’t that amazing?!” We’ve all seen that kind of behaviour, right? That’s Starchild, right there.

Now take that and imagine it in children. The child who finds the magic in every little thing. Sometimes it displays at that age when kids get their fingers into everything… and that’s when it’s our role to keep them safe and create positive boundaries, but to ensure we’re not killing that Starchild energy at the same time. 

Do you remember what it was like to feel that way? Can you grasp even the wispiest of memories relating to that kind of magical, pure energy? When did you last feel that way as an adult? When did you last ALLOW yourself to feel that way as an adult.

People, wake up. We are not here merely to work and pay bills. We’re here to explore, to love and to learn. That Starchild energy is a crucial part of being a happy, healthy, balanced adult too. 

Whether we’re at home, at our chosen place of worship, at work or in the bar on a weekend, we’re surrounded by ‘dogma’ 24/7. Please… be aware of it. Find the line. Don’t let it strangle your inner Starchild.

Play. Learn. Love. Laugh. Find the magic… no matter how old you are.

Until next time,