Not too long ago, I went out of my way to do something for no financial reward.

I drove an hour and a bit each way for the privilege and had to clear my diary and scrap any idea of working with my clients that day.

On paper, it made no sense.

In my heart and my gut, it made perfect sense.

That day, I’m travelled to a college to work with a group of ‘traineeship’ students who needed some inspiration, motivation and, frankly, someone to believe in them and help them to see that a positive future is possible.

These are young adults who, for whatever reason, have fallen through the gaps. Maybe they’re not so brilliant on paper academically, maybe their self belief is low or their social skills aren’t top notch. The programme has been designed to equip them with the essential life and business skills they need to get out into the world and claim their space.

Anyway, I volunteered my skills after the tutor saw me me on LinkedIn and asked if I’d be able to help deliver some inspiration. I showed up and they ended up getting a good Tazzing.

We worked predominantly on confident speaking, presentation and delivery – tools they’d be able to take straight into the working environment and, even before that point, skills that would be directly transferable to help them interview well, impress their future employers and secure jobs.

I also did some confidence building with them and helped them to hone their message AND their life goals.


Because I wanted to.

Because I wish I’d had something like this when I was in my teens.

Because too many people give up too soon.

Because sometimes people don’t fit the publicly acceptable mould in terms of academic prowess, or people skills, or confidence, or aspiration, or so many other elements we judge people on.

And that’s brilliant.

Because we’re not all the same and we shouldn’t attempt to be.

Every one of these young adults carried their own innate kind of brilliance, even though they might not have recognised that in themselves.

I wanted to give them a glimpse of that and I did my level best to make it happen.

So, what about you? What are you doing today? How can you give back?

Maybe, just maybe, if we give for the sake of giving, with no expectations other than making a positive difference, we might just find our own lives getting richer!