There is no draft. No one is invading the U.S.; employment, job opportunities and the stock market are way up; the chances of war with North Korea and Russia are diminished and America is again taking a leadership role in world affairs. So, what are some of these millennials whining and protesting about?

DrRon and Linda Martinelli bemoan the Millennial Generation’s lack of education, understanding and context of America’s history, and national and geo-politics. Where is their engagement with what’s really happening in America and what are the root causes of their absurd and irrational, emotional mindset? DrRon and Linda have a few answers. Listen to their always lively and engaging coffee conversation tonight as they also talk about new inventions, human interest stories, dog stories and good news of the day.

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DrRon and Linda Martinelli are a unique and vibrant married couple who reside in the Hill Country of the Great State of Texas. DrRon is a nationally renowned forensic expert and a retired detective. Linda is a well-regarded professional business woman. Both are successful business entrepreneurs with companies in both Texas and California. Linda owns Proforma Graphic Printsource in California and DrRon owns Martinelli & Associates, Justice & Forensic Consultants, Inc. in Texas. Both own ETCforensic, an on-line forensic education, training and certification company in Texas as well as firearms training companies in CA and TX. Both are also Certified Life Coaches. DrRon and Linda describe themselves as Common Sense Conservatives who travel internationally for business and pleasure and love travel and dining out. They are ranchers who genetically breed and compete in bucking bull competitions nationally with the Professional Bullriders Association.