The reality of the modern democratic party is that they are made up of many different power groups, but without a doubt the driving force right now is the socialist crowd who are steering the bus. When we look further down the road and we see that over 50% of young people see socialism as a valid and preferred form of government⏤it is clear the modern democratic party is a liberal socialist organization, even if there are still some moderates in their midst.

What’s the difference between “Us” and “Them”?

It’s important to define who “US and “Them” are. In the world of modern American politics, we can define the groups as the Conservatives and the Liberal Socialists. Right off the bat there are some who will call foul on my use of the combo Liberal Socialists, to them I say… Nuts.

So, for me the “Us” is conservatives. I am a conservative because I am absolutely not a liberal or a socialist. This is an equation I think many people are beginning to work out for themselves. They aren’t 100% conservative, but they are nowhere near being a liberal or a socialist, so they are joining the conservatives as an alternative to the only other real choice they have.     

This is a conscious decision the democrat party has made for itself. They have chosen this path, given voice to the radicals among their organization and appear powerless to stop the movement even if they wanted to.

This is why I see the “Them” as the modern democrat party and its members. Words means things. When the democrats stopped couching the term socialist when self-describing, they made it clear they were in a new place. This is fine, this is part of our American system, all are welcome. But by adopting this new persona as socialists out in the open they risk putting people off. 

What they have going for them is that for years the educational system has portrayed socialism as a better system, one of fairness and justice for all of the people under its control. Unfortunately for these 50% plus group of young people that favor socialism and can very well change the American system completely in a generation or two, they will also suffer the consequences of this change.

I say suffer the consequences because I know what a socialistic government future will look like and what it will be like to live in, the evidence is all around us, even f those who will eventually vote it into existence don’t see it. To go further one need only look to history, years back or to the on-going destruction of Venezuela as the clearest example of the road they have chosen.

As a conservative with a few years of life behind me and having an investigative mind, I can say plainly that I don’t believe the moderates in the democrat party actually wanted to go socialist all the way, I think they were using the trends and the young people as well as the tactics of socialism to win power.

Once they regain their power, they would mitigate some of the more radical elements of their membership and prevent an all-out change in our nation, but….

Unfortunately for those in the smarter than the rest of us crowd, that’s not how life usually works out.

If you make a deal with the devil, eventually he will call to collect it.  

There are many analogies and cool sayings I can add here to solidify my point, but why bother, I think we all get the point by now.

The slippery slope has been citied many times as a metaphor for these kinds of things, once we start in that direction, the momentum will carry the carnage along until it either destroys us, read that Venezuela, or we are blessed with another group of men like our American forefathers, unlikely, but necessary to reverse the course of such a calamity.

I have a better solution, let’s not get to that point to begin with, lets reverse the situation without spilling blood and wasting treasure. We must get involved now, that is the “Us”.

The “Us” group, the pro American patriots may have to save the world yet again, only this time it will be right here on our shores and the enemy we have to defeat and save at the same time are our fellow Americans in the “They” category.

Why does this awesome burden fall on “US”? Because sadly “They” don’t see the world the way we do. Historically most of our country has always been made up of “Us”, its only in recent times we see this fifth column among our own brothers and sisters and the springing to life of the “They”.

No matter the reason, or the timing, to save our country, our traditions and our liberty⏤someone has to do the hard work.

The way I see it, that can only be “Us”.