If you haven’t taken the time to read your party platform, then don’t vote. At the least, vote for candidates who are pro-life because it is the primary indicator how the elected official will vote for every other issue. If they will defend innocent life in the womb, they are much, much more likely to defend your personal property and reputation.

Join Terry Beatley in Part 2 as she shares her thoughts about why YOU should care about political party platforms and how the platforms are the #1 indicator of what direction our country will proceed in – one of freedom, personal responsibility and smaller government or Socialism…the kissing cousin to Communism. 

Terry looks at 1) gun control, 2) freedom of conscience, and 3) recognizing God as part of America’s story and proves to you how the platforms today are diametrically opposed to one another. 

Political party platforms can change! God doesn’t!

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