Americans are transforming through epoch times, we are awakening through unfamiliar ideas and concepts we never before imagined. Our borders and boundaries are being redefined by the hidden enemies within.

Propagandized by the media is the agenda to sell this as the new normal to the masses in hopes they will adopt these nefarious indoctrinations of psychological warfare tactics, disguised by all that adds purpose and meaning to our lives.

We as Americans are being challenged, we work extra hard to create the world within and yet harder to protect it from slipping away, by enemies both foreign and domestic.

You may not like or believe in politics and you may even try to escape or evade conversations when among various family members or friends but be sure, politics is in every facet of our lifestyle, it controls belief systems, products and services, the very demographics of where we live and how we survive, be sure, politics is always the underlying reason for dealing with the people, places and things we need to co-exist in this lifetime.

What’s happening to America and in America, just doesn’t make sense, we have third nation people arriving via caravans trying to invade our borders, not obeying our laws as they are aided and abetted by major corporations and third party Anti American organizations, from within and without our country. This is crazy and how did this happen, when did this happen?

Hostility has been building among legal immigrants vs illegal invaders and Americans who follow the rule of law vs those who will never follow the rule of law. Patriots demanding justice by this administration, for the violations sustained during the previous lawless eight year reign.

As the newest crisis on the domestic scene recently ambushed hard working Americans through an economic firefight which is being being waged out of Ohio and Michigan, as shots fired across the bow this holiday season against 14,000 General Motors workers who are threatened that soon they will be job displaced.

It’s economic and financial war!

Globalism against Nationalism, as the once beloved American company of General Motors rears it’s ugly head against it’s devoted employees and claims it’s moving out of the country and soon.

Whispers of moving to China, wait a minute, Isn’t China a communist nation and hasn’t GM been granted tax exemptions by this sitting President?

No, we are witnessing not only political strife from the desperate leftist tactics, yet the stronghold of pulling the proverbial economic rug out from under the common American who depends on their jobs to feed their placement in the American dream.

A huge majority of GM workers out of Ohio and Michigan voted for President Trump in the 2016 elections, they were a big part of the silent majority, and were a shoe in for President Trumps run for the 2020 elections.

Is it a coincidence that General Motors CEO Mary Barra was politically connected with the likes of Hillary R Clinton as she pined away as a consideration the title of VP on the democratic ticket?

One things for sure, we here in America have been getting a street education on what corporate entities as well as individual sponsors are backing the communist socialist movement and punishing the conservative nationalist.

Our jobs and careers mean something, they defined who we are… today… we are trying to recover from the vicious two term debacle of the Obama administrations deceptive plots of economic plunder.

President Trump was not happy to learn about the news of GM announcing it’s taking thousands of jobs from this country to foreign lands .

It’s not clear what federal aid the President could revoke at this time as he truly hopes they could be persuaded to reconsider their decision to relocate.

The federal government offers tax credits of up to 7,500 to lower the upfront costs of plug in electric vehicles. The credits start to phase out after the manufacturer has sold 200,000 electric cars, automakers are lobbying Congress to lift that restriction.

What’s the purpose of building American cars if there not built in America, it just doesn’t make sense. This president has made the resurgence of American manufacturing a centerpiece of his economic plan. Since Mr. Trump’s inauguration, U.S. manufacturers have added nearly 400,000 jobs, this is the strongest level of factory job growth in more than 20 years.

This company’s decision to fold up shop here in the U.S. could potentially affect the 2020 presidential election that President Trump won two years ago.

GM’s CEO, Mary Barras appears to challenge president Trump’s hand at a game of 5D chess with the corporate greed tactic, as Trump rally’s for the back bone of America.

It’s common knowledge the Democratic National Committee said GM received a $157 million “windfall” from corporate tax cuts enacted in late 2018, so we know money is in excess not decline to make such a devastating sucker punch to hard working GM employees who rely on their positions to thrive and rightfully so, as they are legal Americans who have for generations worked at the GM industries.

Now enters Judith A “Jami” Miscik, one of the newest hires of the GM Board, an intelligence expert, as she saunters into her new placement with GM from her former home with the CIA “deep state”. She too is a globalist, strategist, and former Deputy Director for the Central Intelligence Agency.

She may have left the 7th floor agency in 2005, but the 7th floor ideology and cronies never left her.

Working with global corporate networks, dealing with sensitive crisis management, public relations, political and “deep state” worldwide, tied organizations such as Kissinger and Associates, Paul Bremmer, Lawrence Eagleburger, Timothy Geithner, and on of the 10 top public enemies of all time, John O Brennen. With friends like this, who needs enemies.

Fortune Magazine
Nov 9, 2018

Location: Most Powerful Women Montreal 2018

“The geopolitical challenges of our times are more complex than ever. As globalization continues to spread in some parts of the world, the strength of developing countries is increasing, creating tensions between emerging and established powers and giving rise to protectionist and nationalist sentiment. As our population rises, millions of global citizens will join the middle class, placing new demands on governments and service providers. How should global business leaders respond to these dynamics and what will American leadership look like in this new world order?

Jami Miscik, Vice Chairman and CEO, Kissinger Associates”
Interviewer: Leigh Gallagher, Fortune

As quoted in the Detroit News by GM CEO Mary T Barra regarding GM’s latest addition to their war room former 7th floor spook Jami Miscik.

“Jami is a seasoned leader with experience in assessing the geopolitical and macroeconomic climate,” CEO Mary Barra said in a Wednesday statement. “Her unique and extensive background in intelligence, security and risk analysis and mitigation will add significant insights to GM’s board and the company’s overall strategy.”

Conservatives need not fall victim to their D’Americanization tactics the socialist propagate through economic, financial, social and religious attacks, as intelligent aware people, we are reminded that KNOWLEDGE is POWER and must rise above their manipulating agendas.

“The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word ‘crisis.’ One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity. In a crisis, be aware of the danger–but recognize the opportunity.”
― John F. Kennedy

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