There is a breathless video on the internet purporting to show a blue streak coming from the sky milliseconds, i.e.: ‘in a blink of an eye,’ before the RV exploded on the streets of Nashville, Tennessee. The camera that caught the explosion was apparently a fixed outdoor surveillance device overlooking a parking lot or something, a half-mile away. It was around 0630 am.

I could not see a blue streak coming from the sky. What I believe the camera recorded was the flashing blue lights of police vehicles already there reflecting off the explosion’s smoke. That explanation satisfy’s my own experience as a crime scene investigator. For the record, I graduated from the National Fire Academy arson investigators school.

But, the plot thickens. It was suggested that those Wiley Chinese have an orbiting platform equipped with a satellite killing plasma pulse weapon that fired at the van outside the AT&T building to fry the NSA’s supercomputer and the Dominion machines stored there supposedly for fraud examination. If that were really the case, we would already be at war with China. If that’s the case, it’s no wonder Democrats wanted evidence there destroyed.

Some pundits claim the lack of a crater in the street beneath where the RV sat at the moment of detonation indicated its destruction was by some other esoteric source, meaning a space death ray or plasma weapon. Investigators working the crime scene will certainly be aware if the area is also covered by a fine dusting of carbon, a supposed characteristic of such weapons.

In September, Mark Esper, former Secretary of Defense, warned us that China had indeed deployed Directed Energy Weapons in space supposedly to “kill satellites.”

That’s probably true but, we know about it. We have such devices up there ourselves. I have not seen a target destroyed by a directed energy pulse weapon except in Star Wars. Still, the condition of that destroyed RV was totally consistent with an internal detonation of common explosives. 

Because the world’s superpowers already have entered space, our imaginations can easily accept the advanced science we are now experiencing, except the China Virus and Global Warming nonsense. Remember the Sci-Fi episodes of Flash Gordon on b&w TV back in the 50s? The villain then was the evil, Fu Man Chu looking Emperor Ming, not unlike Emperor Xi Jinping today. So it’s not impossible to believe⏤claims that China’s evil Emperor Xi, in collusion with China Joe, is shooting RV’s on the streets of Nashville, Tennessee, from space⏤is it? 

It seems the real perpetrator had a girlfriend who told the Nashville police a year ago that her boyfriend was making bombs in that RV. The Nashville police did their job, took her information nearly as far as they could legally, then referred it to the FBI, where it apparently disappeared into the black hole of inconvenient information. They claim they have no knowledge of it. We’re witnessing some great local police work here, but if the investigation interferes with the Democrats narrative that China Joe Biden, the imposter president-elect, won the election fair and square, don’t expect to learn the truth.

Maybe that’s why the FBI is there, to protect the Deep State like they did Hillary, FISA, and the Trump coup attempt.  

It is sad to say that the integrity of any investigative product of the FBI is forever tainted with the veneer of doubt and skepticism like our national elections have become. I’m waiting for FBI investigators to reveal Anthony Quinn Warner’s affiliation with the Bernie Sanders campaign. That should be interesting reading. But don’t count on it!

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!