Politically speaking, when one spends time on social media, it doesn’t take long to figure out, whether you lean Right or Left, that you will be faced with moaning, groaning and might be mercilessly assaulted for your God given point of view. These 24/7 addictive platforms basically clamor about all the things that are wrong with America, from both sides of the aisle. In this Podcast, Army Veterans, Bob McCarthy and “HillBilly” Wilson shed positive and humorous light on “What’s Right in America”.

Discussions turn to family, community and getting involved locally in order to break the chain of idea bashing to achieve positive change. We examine veterans issues and solutions, make light of political correctness and examine positive aspects of being a free thinking American citizen.

HillBilly Wilson, a new guest on the Trump Chronicle, entertains us with an “off the grid” look at life, being an American who lives in the rural Blue Ridge Mountains of West Virginia. Humor always lightens our daily load and often gives us comic relief from the negative politicalization of American life.

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