As I was driving to work this morning, listening to the “same news different day” about the politicians and the media doing all they can do to obstruct our President, I can’t help but wonder why. To what end?

As an educated person and one who pays attention to what is going on in America and the world, I just don’t see what would be gained by continuing to obstruct and attempt to take down our President. Well, except for power I suppose.

From a simple view as a woman in business, and with a family, like so many others in our country, what I have seen from the previous Obama years, was our government giving guns to the Cartel, to the IRS targeting conservatives, to our Veterans being grossly underserved by the VA, to Benghazi, to Hillary’s home grown server and the dangerous disregard for classified information, to releasing the worst of the worst from Gitmo, to the horrendous Iran deal and the billions given to our enemies in Iran. The Obamas used the White House years as their own personal golf and vacation mecca. They criticized Christians and American values. Who can forget the open mic, where Obama told the Russians he could do more for them after the elections, there is your Russian collusion! If you wade in a little deeper, you’d find that the Obamas and Clintons and Kerrys and  Bidens and their families and friends profited hugely from behind the scenes business dealing, basically selling deals to other countries, not all friendly countries, for their own gains.

Our healthcare system was destroyed for the average American. The first rule of socialism is to take over people’s health care, and you have them in your grip. I see the terrible results of Obamacare with my own business every day, and in my own services that I have to wait so much longer for and pay so much more for, and with $6,000.00 deductibles, my employees feel like they have no insurance at all any more, despite that I pay a healthy sum for that every month.

It has just been confirmed, although no surprise here, that Iran has continued its nuclear program despite (and thanks to) all of the money and agreements Obama gave them, they have made great strides. Great, just great.

Every day more news comes out about the dishonest and unethical Obama administration. This was worst president in the history of the country, one who took race relations back 75 years, who damaged so many businesses and cost people jobs, and livelihoods.

Is this what media, and Hollywood and democrats want to go back to? You don’t have to be Republican or Democrat to just look around. If people can take their heads out of their nether regions long enough to see daylight, you can’t help but see that the economy is booming, jobs are back with a vengeance, illegal alien criminals are being deported, Obamacare is crippled, people have more money in their pockets, housing is back. We have 17 people released from captivity in horrible places, we are meeting with North Korea to denuclearize that country, we are actively engaged in leveling the playing field of trade with other countries to benefit America, a seemingly new concept. We are addressing Iran and renewing sanctions in an effort to undo the disastrous situation the Kerry’s and Clintons and Obamas put us and the world in. We are friends once again with Israel and keeping long made promises to them. I could go on and on.

Yet, the hatred and vitriol toward this Administration is unprecedented. Why? We are moving our country forward again, why would we want to go back to the worst economy, the stagnation, the racism, the cronyism, the lack of ethics and dishonesty, the over-regulation, the hatred for our military and police, that were the past administration.  

Donald Trump was not my first choice for President, but I am 100% thankful that he is our President. He is a leader and a doer. The amount of accomplishments he has in this short time are astounding. No grass grows under his feet. So why the hatred, the obstruction, the vitriol? Why can the democrats in the house and senate not see what I as an average working American see and support him to carry forth the agenda that we elected him to fulfill?

My only answer is, they don’t want it to change. They want to keep their power and continue to make decisions that personally benefit their wallets and those of their friends and families. There is no other answer, than that our politicians have become so mired in corruption, they actually have zero idea of what is good for America, and they see Donald Trump as a personal threat to their fiefdoms. Our house and senate are a bed of snakes. New members who come in are told that they have to go along to get along with the old power dogs there, and their disgust is evident. The media lies all day every day, and we see it, we are not fooled. 

What would happen if we all supported America moving forward? How great could we be!

President Trump was right, we need to drain the swamp of most all of them in all of the branches of government. They are an embarrassment to America and I am so bitterly disappointed in our politicians. We are sick of being called racist, misogynists, Islamophobics, homophobes and on and on. Most of us are just Americans, working to get by in life, and we get it. Why can’t those who purport to work in our interests get it and do so! President Trump is not a perfect man, but he is THE perfect man to be our President at this moment in history.

And again I ask the Hollywood crowd, the media, the politicians, what is it that you want to return to if you succeed in getting President Trump out? How blind do you have to be to see what he is doing, and how he does it, and what the results are? Can you not stop for a moment thinking about your own egomaniacal selves and look out for America first? I am just one American, this is all too clear, and I don’t understand why when great things are happening, we cannot celebrate it and support it. My business is booming, and so are all of my client’s businesses. Thank you Mr President, finally, someone gets it! If I get it, as an average Joe, where are the rest of you who purport to be so much smarter than we know-nothing average Americans? Take off your hate colored glasses and look around, and perhaps you will see a country that is moving forward, and people working, and people buying, and people who have more hope and more money than they have had in many years, and it will only get better and safer and offer Americans more in the next few years if we are smart enough to get behind this wave of America First.

What would happen if we all supported America moving forward?