Over the past several years, a LOT has leaked into the public domain about political corruption, criminal conspiracies, pay-for-play, and other crimes among the US political class. We know what we know and can only speculate about that which we don’t know – and which may be purposely hidden from us by the Deep State and the legacy media. The purpose of this series is to examine what is already in the public domain on several scandals/crimes and then make some informed guesses as to what ELSE is hiding underneath.

Part I discussed the shenanigans and cover-ups surrounding the House IT server scandal and FISA abuse during the Obama regime.

Part II covered Hillary Clinton’s classified information mishandling crimes and the illegal unmasking of American citizens by the Obama regime while highlighting the corrupt Obama DoJ/FBI FISA abuse.

Part III looked at the potential ramifications from disclosure of FISA information on Americans to foreign intel agencies and also the leaking of classified information to the media (and other crimes of the DoJ/FBI/IC cabal, as orchestrated by the Obama White House).

Frankly, there are a LOT more scandals from which to pick that need more serious exposure and treatment than we’ve EVER gotten from the legacy media, and it would be possible to do detailed threads and speculation on each one. However, I am going to wrap this series up by making a few key points about a subset of those scandals, as well as comment on some underlying aspects that are common to them all along with some recommendations serious reforms. Here we go.

Weaponizing the IRS. Who among us doesn’t fear an IRS audit (unless your sole income is government subsistence)? Something far worse than getting an audit is knowing that the IRS is politically-motivated to audit conservatives because that suppresses our political speech. The Obama regime’s IRS was caught red-handed targeting conservatives, as was exposed in a Justice Department settlement with some of the targeted groups in 2017 as summarized here in this article

The targeted groups got some money for their trouble, but their organizations were essentially sidelined during the lawsuit, which suited the Uniparty just fine (both Democrats and RINOs such as McConnell were happy to squash the budding Tea Party movement!). Lois Lerner (the main IRS sacrificial lamb) was allowed to retire with full pension, and a few reassignments were made. No IRS employee was forced to resign for these criminal actions, and it was all just swept under the rug. Does anyone REALLY believe that the IRS is now “back to nonpolitical operation,” so-to-speak, when the same people are still in the agency? When the same people who walk around their office spaces proudly proclaiming their anti-Trump biases, according to informed sources?

The subject of @POTUS’s tax returns continues to be pursued by House Democrats, including recently by the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. Here’s the leftwing spin on that. With Deep State allies in the IRS, I believe it is only a matter of time until all or part of the president’s tax returns are made publicly available (illegally leaked). It is entirely about opposition research for 2020 on the taxpayer’s nickel by craven Democrats at this point.

The next scandal is serial perjury by senior Obama IC, DoJ, and FBI officials and others. The list of Democrat liars before the American people and to Congress is legion, and NONE of them ever seem to be held accountable for their lies:

  • Hillary Clinton lied egregiously before and during the Benghazi hearings about the genesis of the attacks on the Benghazi consulate – and so did everyone in the chain of command up to and including Obama himself! Well, Hillary of course IS a serial liar.
  • Obama’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice is a poor-man’s Hillary when it comes to lying, but she’s given it the old college try on a number of topics, including Benghazi, the “by the book” Obama WH meeting, illegal unmaskings, Bergdahl’s swap, and Syrian WMDs. Read more about her here.
  • Then there is former CIA Director John Brennan’s lies to the Senate Intel Committee about illegal domestic surveillance of US senators and staffs. Even the leftwing UK Guardian called for his firing in 2014.
  • Oh, and Brennan has serially lied about drones, the “muh Russia” hoax, and his accusation that POTUS is a “traitor” and “Putin stooge.” These are unprecedented and blatantly political actions by a former CIA director!
  • And how doth former FBI Director James Comey lie to thee? Let me count the ways. He lies to the depth and breadth and height his black soul can reach! (Apologies to the poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning.)
    • He lied to exonerate Hillary from multiple felonies she and others committed in mishandling TS/SCI/SAP and other classified information – and then compounded those lies by repeatedly defending his handling of the investigation and his concluding public statement.
    • He lied about being conflicted regarding the Russian dossier when he knew it to be fake from the get-go.
    • He lied about passing his classified work product to his lawyer pal Benjamin Wittes at the leftwing Lawfareblog.
    • He lied about POTUS not being “under investigation” when in reality the president was the target of the illegal FISA warrants and the “muh Russia” hoax all along, and then he lied about the reason he got fired (as if firing one guy would somehow obstruct an investigation by dozens of Democrat lawyers!).
    • He lied multiple times during testimony to the House Intel Committee in December 2018.
    • The man must be feeling serious pressure because his Twitter timeline is filled with the most bizarre and esoteric nonsense I have ever seen that smacks of someone who knows he’s a dead man walking. His public appearances lately smack of desperation, too, as he surely must know that his days walking around as a free man will soon be over!
  • Obama’s former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper is a known liar, too:
    • He lied to Congress about the NSA’s illegal domestic surveillance of Americans (probably to protect Obama who undoubtedly directed it).
    • He lied about how ISIS came to be.
    • And he lied to Congress that the Muslim Brotherhood was a predominantly secular organization that “eschewed violence”!
    • Maybe he was worried about getting offed by one of the many Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers “serving” in the Obama regime if he hadn’t made that ridiculous claim! Think my claim about MB sympathizers in the Obama regime is tinfoil hat material? Then read this.

Yes, the list of liars is long. Many others have detailed the perfidy of the likes of John Kerry and Victoria Nuland at the State Department; Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, and Sally Yates et al at DoJ; Andrew McCabe, James Baker, Lisa Page, Peter Strzok, and others at the FBI; and on and on. Not to mention Democrat congressmen and senators who still publicly claim POTUS is a “Russian traitor,” and that “Russia stole the 2016 election from Hillary” when they KNOW BETTER! And they claim these lies are grounds for impeachment, no less. Liars all! They’ve perpetrated a complete hoax resulting in a two-year special counsel investigation when they knew there was no evidence to justify the investigation to begin with!

Some of the aforementioned liars are reported to be under investigation. We shall see who if anyone gets indicted and prosecuted. In my book, everyone named in this article needs to be prosecuted, convicted and jailed until the Devil takes over custody!

Before we wrap this up, I wish to remind you about the deep corruption that has existed for decades by the crooks in Congress (also known as our vaunted and special – in their minds anyway – political class): nepotism, insider trading, secret sexual harassment suits settled with taxpayer funds, House bank and post office scandals, etc., etc. The lack of accountability for the perpetrators, as well as the complicity of the legacy media in obfuscating and covering up all the crimes is simply breathtaking! The legacy media – in service of the Uniparty – regularly bury important stories, twist and spin them beyond all recognition, literally excuse certain crimes by the Uniparty and Deep State, support lawfare against Republican/conservative policy initiatives, fail to honestly follow and expose the evidence regardless of where it leads, and carry water for the Democrat narrative of any given day (as evidenced by the media montages that various conservative media personalities put together proving the media even use identical language to describe whatever the topic happens to be!). As the Boston Herald editorialized recently:

The left and its compliant media are willfully reporting false news to the American people. Whether it is a symptom of mass hysteria that is the genesis for this confirmation bias-style reporting or an intentional maneuver to spread anti-Trump propaganda, its effect is toxic and pernicious. Sourced here.

While bad – and downright evil in many instances due to their willing participation in sedition and other crimes – the media are not the worst villains in this sordid story. I believe that that role is reserved for the palace guard in the DoJ, FBI and IC who protect Uniparty members and Deep State officials as virtually their primary missions. The likes of Clapper, Brennan, Hayden, Morrell, Comey, McCabe, Holder, Lynch, and all of their politically-motivated underlings are the result of a long pipeline of corrupt officials who advanced their personal careers in service of the political powers-that-be in the Uniparty. Their primary raison d’être is to cover up crimes committed by Uniparty politicians and Deep State bureaucrats after which they are rewarded with private sector sinecures between government jobs in order to be liberally “paid back” for their services (repeat after me: bribery for services rendered!).

When normal Americans like me can sift through publicly available information and determine the nature of the egregious crimes committed by all of these people, and yet watch aghast while the DoJ and FBI continually let them all off the hook, you know something is rotten in the state of Denmark (apologies to Shakespeare) – and I do mean in the “premiere federal law enforcement agencies” (sic) in DC! One of the biggest tells there is happens when one of these senior bureaucrats is up for Senate confirmation, and both sides of the Uniparty coin shower praises on the nominee. That is the surest sign that the nominee is of the Deep State and corrupt to the core.

To conclude this thread series, here are the common components underlying all of these crimes and the corruption that were elucidated:

  • A culture of leaking to serve political ends that has been cultivated, excused, facilitated, and expanded since the Watergate years.
  • A double standard in the application of the rule of law and equal justice under the law for those in service of Uniparty and Democrat policies and objectives versus We The People.
  • Routine exoneration of Democrat politicians and Deep State bureaucrats even when publicly available evidence provides an overwhelming indication of guilt. (Imagine what honest prosecutors and their grand juries might have developed that we haven’t seen!)
  • Bald-faced lying by all of the Uniparty and Deep State actors in order to cover up and excuse egregious crimes like mishandling and/or leaking classified information, obstruction of justice, illegal domestic surveillance, misprision, sedition, and – yes – treason!
  • An unaccountable palace guard consisting of Deep State operatives who protect other Deep State denizens at all costs, and who do their bidding to destroy other Americans for political reasons whenever directed to by the White House.
  • A rogue Congress that is rife with unchecked corruption, and that does not even enforce its own ethical standards (“Congress’s ethical standards” being perhaps the ultimate oxymoron).
  • A sitting Democrat president willing and able to orchestrate the greatest political, ethical and legal scandal in US history against a candidate (and later president) from a rival political party.

What to do about all of this? Some – if not many – have argued that it is too late in our Republic’s history to “right the ship,” as we routinely say in the Navy. [At least we used to say that. I’m not sure if that phrase is still in the politically-acceptable list of Navy phrases foisted on us by the Obama-appointed Ray Mabus, the worst SECNAV ever! But I digress.]

I have to believe that POTUS ran for the presidency because he is an “ultra-patriot” who well understood the corruption among the US political class, and who wanted to restore some of integrity that used to exist in our political and cultural institutions. Why else would he subject himself to the 24×7 derision and attacks by virtually the entire political class and their legacy media lapdogs (not to mention a coterie of globalists and elitists in other countries)?

I have to believe that he understands exactly what he’s facing, including the inherent resistance in American political institutions that have been eaten away from within by the Left and Uniparty over the past 60+ years.

I have to believe that he’s working on a long-term plan to implement widespread institutional changes the likes of which we’ve never seen since the government started going rogue under Woodrow Wilson, FDR, and the rest of the “progressives” back in the 20th century. What might those changes be? Here’s my speculative list:

  • Totally revamping the DoJ, FBI and IC missions, with stronger 4th Amendment provisions protecting Americans from domestic surveillance and a new emphasis on strict enforcement of anti-corruption laws.
  • Implementation of much stronger and more independent IGs across the federal government, including stronger protections for whistle-blowers.
  • Anti-lobbying restrictions for all who serve in the federal government after their federal service has ended.
  • The complete prohibition of foreign money for any political purposes in the US.
  • Returning the media to constitutional roles (“speaking truth to power”) through libel lawsuits and prosecutions for criminal conspiracy. Includes regulation of all social media as public utilities to end their political suppression practices.
  • Stricter enforcement of existing laws – with application of equal justice for all Americans and following the evidence to wherever and whomever it leads.
  • An energizing of the federal term limits movement in order to implement a new constitutionally-mandated turnover within the political class.
  • Implementation of security clearance requirements and classified information handling regulations (and their strict enforcement) for all members of Congress and their staffs.
  • Passage of a constitutional amendment requiring all federal laws be applied equally to all Americans, including all members of the legislative, judicial, and executive branches of the federal government (including their staffs).
  • And probably more!

There is an adage believed by many that all empires are destroyed from within – through a loss of collective will, degradation of institutions, corruption of the rule of law, and/or a Balkanizing of the population along ideological, religious, and/or racial lines.

If we wish to preserve our Republic, we will take up this unique advantage presented by the election of the first outsider as president in over 100 years to “right the ship” and effect major surgery on our failing institutions.

These major institutional changes will fix a big part of the country’s internal problems, as well as restore a sense of confidence and purpose that has existed in America since its founding. What are you prepared to do to help the cause?

The end.