Over the past several years, a LOT has leaked into the public domain about political corruption, criminal conspiracies, pay-for-play, and other crimes among the US political class. We know what we know and can only speculate about that which we don’t know – and which may be purposely hidden from us by the Deep State and the legacy media. The purpose of this series is to examine what is already in the public domain on several scandals/crimes and then make some informed guesses as to what ELSE is hiding underneath. Part I discussed the shenanigans and cover-ups surrounding the House IT server scandal and FISA abuse during the Obama regime.

Our next topic is Hillary Clinton’s email server investigation. She was an Original Classification Authority as the Secretary of State. An Original Classification Authority is a government person who has authorization to classify newly developed information up to Top Secret level. To be an OCA, one has to understand what makes information classified in the first place (she knows). On 22 January 2009, Hillary signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement, or NDA, where she agreed to protect highly classified information. This document clearly states that a failure to do so could result in criminal prosecution. In short, she clearly understood what constituted classified information, as well as her personal responsibilities for properly protecting that information and the penalties for mishandling it.

There is no question whatsoever that Hillary’s email server contained unauthorized highly classified information. Indeed, the Intelligence Community’s Inspector General himself stated that there were 7 email chains found in 22 documents that contained TOP SECRET information. (Clinton campaign planned to fire me over email probe) Remember that these were culled from the 30,000 emails she turned over to the FBI after her aides spent days scrubbing them beforehand. In short, these 22 documents slipped through their cover-up attempts. And there were many more emails and documents found at lower levels of classification in the 30,000 released emails. She clearly violated Title 18 USC – Espionage, the penalty for which includes a $10,000 fine for EACH offense and up to life imprisonment without parole. In my estimation, this clearly qualified her as a “domestic enemy”! And she and her staffers who were involved with that email server violated Sections 793, 794, 790, and 952 of Title 18 USC, Section 783(b) of Title 60 USC, and EO 12356. That she and they remain free and have not been indicted yet is a travesty of justice.

We absolutely KNOW that the “Mid-Year Exam (MYE)” (the FBI’s ridiculous code name for that false investigation of her email server) was a political farce that was meant to convey to the unsuspecting public that a “serious” investigation was conducted by the FBI, but no felonious evidence was produced warranting her prosecution. We KNOW from the Strzok-Page texts that the politically-biased fix was in. We KNOW that former FBI Director Comey exceeded FBI guidelines and his authority by “exonerating” Hillary and whitewashing her many felonies.

The FBI investigates and makes referrals for prosecution to the DoJ, and the DoJ makes the determination whether to prosecute based on the evidence presented by the FBI. As summarized above, the felonies committed were many, egregious, and undeniable. Yet no referrals were made by FBI Director Comey to DoJ, and no prosecutions were conducted. But once again, that is just what we know based on publicly-available information. Fortunately, more has been leaking out about the classified information on that server over the past several months. Here is some informed speculation about what has been hidden to date:

  1. The entire MYE was a hoax perpetrated on the American public. All those FBI and DoJ personnel involved are guilty of conspiracy, misprision, and obstruction of justice. Some are guilty of witness-tampering. And these crimes are on top of the felonies committed by those who actually mishandled the classified information, including State Department personnel, Hillary’s immediate staff, and Hillary herself!
  2. Classified emails discovered on Anthony Weiner’s laptop were purposely excluded from consideration in the follow-up to the MYE when those emails were later disclosed. More conspiracy, misprision and obstruction of justice!
  3. What was in those missing emails (that Hillary purposely destroyed in another obstruction of justice action)? For starters, we know that the Chinese and Iranians rolled up US covert operatives at least partly based on the classified information they obtained from Hillary’s server. Here is one pertinent article to read.
  4. We can also reasonably speculate that many of those emails discussed pay-for-play actions, e.g., Uranium One and also selling of highly classified US technology [Special Access Program (SAP)-level advanced technology].
  5. Other cabinet-level officials in the Obama regime were likely not only aware of her email server but were almost certainly participants in pay-for-play and other corrupt activities. We know for certain that Obama himself knew about that server, as noted below:

“President Barack Obama lied to the American people when he claimed he only learned of Hillary Clinton’s use of an unauthorized, non-secure, non-governmental email server while she was Secretary of State. “FBI analysts and Prosecutor 2 told us that former President Barack Obama was one of the 13 individuals with whom Clinton had direct contact using her clintonemail.com account,” the report says in a footnote on page 89. “Obama, like other high level government officials, used a pseudonym for his username on his official government email account.” You can read the rest here.

  1. Were you able to connect all the dots here? Hillary destroyed over 30,000 of her emails. The FBI only examined those she provided to them. Obama and “13 other individuals” communicated with her via that server. What would have been disclosed in those missing emails? How many other “individuals” would we know about now who were equally guilty of mishandling classified information (and likely illegal pay-for-play activities and other crimes)?
  2. Furthermore, why has NOTHING been done to follow up and prosecute Obama and those “13 individuals”? That aspect has been dropped down the memory hole and willfully covered up by our worthless legacy media – who are in reality Obama’s hand-maidens.
  3. While there is supposedly an ongoing “re-investigation” of Hillary’s email server, what is the probability that all of these crimes will actually be exposed, given that they go to the highest levels of the Obama administration – including Obama himself? We shall see when DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz completes his investigation.

The next topic on the list is the illegal unmasking of American citizens by the Obama regime. Unmasking can be defined as the unauthorized disclosure of the identity of American citizens for politically motivated purposes. Here is an overview that examines some of the illegal unmasking done by the Obama regime:

“[F]ormer Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power made numerous requests seeking the “unmasking” (or unredacted identification) of names and other information about members of the Trump campaign team whose communications had been incidentally caught up in intelligence surveillance efforts. Power’s requests, reported to number in the hundreds, occurred mostly in the final days of the Obama Administration, that is between the election of President Trump in November 2016 and his inauguration in January 2017.

What the media has not reported, but the ACLJ has since discovered through one of our FOIA lawsuits, is that the clear political—and personal—bias of Power against the incoming President and the conservative agenda led her to undertake efforts aimed at undercutting support for the new Administration.

Let that sink in: the same top-level Obama Administration official reported to have made some 260 unmasking requests seeking surveillance information about the incoming President and his campaign team was simultaneously engaged in communications in which she consoled others over the election results, blatantly insulted the President-elect, colluded with the mainstream media, and actively sought out ways to undermine the new Administration before it had even begun.”

The rest of the article provides some VERY damning details about the conspiracy to unmask Americans.

Where has the investigation into the illegal masking gone? Down the rabbit-hole insofar as we know. Here is some informed speculation on the subject:

  1. For starters, Samantha Power wasn’t the only Obama regime denizen who was involved in unmasking American citizens. We know for a fact that the serial liar Susan Rice (Obama’s National Security Advisor at the time) was a willing participant in unmaskings, too – and lied about it! 
  2. I am convinced that the Obama White House political operation was involved up to their collective eyeballs in the politically motived unmaskings. This is the kind of political actions in which Obama himself would be involved – if not directly, then in regular status briefings.
  3. Who are the likely suspects in the WH political operation? Start with the slippery Valerie Jarrett (Obama’s “gatekeeper” who was briefed on EVERYTHING during Obama’s presidency) and move on to the likes of Jim Messina, John Podesta, David Axelrod, Ben Rhodes, and Alyssa Mastromonaco.
  4. The unmaskings were unprecedented in scope, number, and duration. They were certainly well-orchestrated and coordinated according to a clever plan to avoid inadvertent disclosure across multiple cabinet agencies in the Obama regime.
  5. The UN ambassador’s office, the Secretary of State’s office, and the White House staff were certainly involved. The likelihood that Obama himself was involved is high (he was almost certainly aware of the activity).
  6. The full disclosure of the Obama regime’s unmaskings has doubtless been prevented by “executive privilege.” We may never know the full extent unless the FBI and DoJ start playing hardball in a real investigation of the illegalities. It’s pretty far down the list of priorities.

There is still more to come about what we know versus what we suspect, folks. I’m going to pause here and present informed speculation exposing the hidden part of more political/criminal icebergs in Part III of this series. Stay tuned!  Image: Matt McClain, Post

The end.