The DNC’s virtual Convention to nominate Joe Biden as their candidate for President to challenge Donald Trump, hit a serious snag. They went on the air! As painful as it has been to watch, they continue to identify themselves for exactly what they have become, an entity as dangerous to the body politic as prostate cancer is to a man. It’s also quite clear that the new leader of the Democrat Party is Bernie Sanders, not Joe Biden or the Clintons’ anymore.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, presumably a descendent of that awful Spanish Conquistador who plundered ancient native cultures of Central and South America, now a freshman in the Congress of the US, was awarded a two minute spot that revealed what the DNC’s position will be in four years. Of course, It’s far-Left now but that standard has not been solidified. 

Without once mentioning Joe Biden, AOC delivered her naive Marxist screed about what’s wrong with America and her vision in how America’s future can be rectified through Socialism by endorsing Bernie’s nomination for the top spot. Neither did she mention Joe’s VP pick, Kamala Harris. Weren’t Kamala Harris’s ancestors slave owners on a family owned sugar plantation in Jamaica for generations? By the way, Kamala does not qualify as an African American.

Marxist Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who has twice lost his bid for the DNC nomination for President, is the ultimate winner because Joe ‘the slow’ Biden has virtually embraced, through AOC’s threats, every aspect of Bernie’s entire Socialist agenda. Cue in the enthusiasm!

At least the DNC political platform should Joe accidentally win, say’s it all. Its Marxist all the way! All talking points are designed to direct listeners to look one way while they promote the opposite.

For example, not one word about the insurrections occurring in Democrat run cites around the country; not one word, not even to blame Trump. Not one word about the growing murder rates in those Democrat cities.

But still, the elephant in the convention room and on full display, is their Trump Derangement Syndrome. An apparent problem is that the several speakers so far, while abhorring the successful four years of Donald Trump, speak at odds with each other on significant points. Michelle Obama’s speech was hate filled and totally anti-Trump demeaning his leadership on every crisis that confronts us, many of them started by her husband’s disastrous policies.

Jill Biden on the other hand, didn’t trash Donald Trump so much as she worked to sweep the cobwebs off her husband’s brilliant lackluster history. She was very effective at making the case for Joe as a nice guy, but by his own ineptness, nice guys finish last. Joe’s legacy of political leadership failures can’t be denied or glossed over. Neither can John Kasich! He just hates Trump and effectively removed himself from the political gene pool. 

The DNC want us to accept that Joe Biden will be a healer! But a healer for what? Joe can’t heal if he doesn’t talk to us about what needs to be healed like the Antifa’s-BLM insurrections in Democrat run cities, or why those same violent nut cases want to change America’s culture by tearing down statues and burning court houses? Are we to accept that we are the only country dumb enough to start another civil war because some of us are offended by the first one? Joe the healer? Don’t make me laugh!

Whatever the outcome, Joe will never be President. He’s had his run and its over. Harris won’t be President either. She’s anti-American to the core. 

Remember, Freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!

Image: Reuters