I am always trying to make spirituality and self-development accessible and easy for people to use and apply to their life. Part of this objective, is to de-mystify common concepts used or talked about, but perhaps not quite understood…yet.

If you are not familiar with the term, your ‘higher-self’, it is a very common term in the spiritually savvy realm of folk. What it often means is the part of our bigger, soul self that is not bound by time and space in our human body, but can interface with us to give insight and resources from this bigger picture perspective. Because it is not bound by time and space, our higher-self can already know the potential future reality(s) ahead.

This is important for a myriad of reasons!

  • Decision making
  • Relationships
  • When to plan a business launch or a vacation
  • When to do what in your home business
  • Where to move your home to
  • How to tell if you are being a crazy paranoid parent or discern something to truly pay attention to with your child
  • When to call your phone company’s customer service to get the best result
  • You can relieve yourself of the stress of always thinking about everything, just in case you will forgot something or drop a ball

So many uses for our higher-self connection.

What makes your higher-self different from intuition?

Good question.

I don’t think there is a real difference. I believe our intuition is our ability to access both our human instincts and our higher-self soul data to navigate our life.

How do we connect to this awesome aspect?

One thing to keep in mind, I think many people in the spiritual community lose sight of when they think the ‘way’ is ‘out there’ outside of themselves in some special, spiritual realm only special people can connect to. You are your higher self. It is just a bigger, non-smooshed into a human body and human mind part of you. From this non-smooshy vantage point, your higher-self can access really great information to make your life aligned and far more fun. This is also when we are authentic or “in the flow.”

Think about it. It makes sense if you pull back your narrow-focused mind and ponder, hmmm wouldn’t it make sense we were built with some form of GPS, some part of us that can decipher the best path for our journey here as human beings. It makes sense to me, mostly because the alternative reality that we are thrown here haphazardly to figure it out, try not to die, make people like us, buy shit we are told to buy, wonder obsessively if we matter and attempt to matter through doing things, make mini-me’s, then die…. I think the higher-self scenario wins out in my mind.

For the practical science-y folk out there.

There is really cool information these days regarding how we are more energy than we are matter. So what that really means is, if you don’t buy into a soul and all that, then you can simply see it as your energy is more than your mind dragging around your body. It is capable of seeing the whole picture, eagles view, while your body and mind execute on the actions that are in alignment with this bigger view. If you are mostly energy, then you are more than just your mind and body’s limited view. Don’t misunderstand this, there is no hierarchy. Your mind and body are absolutely essential to the higher-self because they are the parts doing the doing, sent down from the being/ soul/ energy part of you. You need both, one is not better than the other, just different.

We know we are aligned to our higher self when we feel clear, confident, and on track. When we have a niggly sense that ‘something is missin`g’, or ‘we forgot something’ I believe these feelings are indicators we need to pay attention to in order to use the higher-self part of us.

HOW? How do we connect?

1. You are always connected.

You just don’t pay attention to your connection because you are distracted by the noise of life, and mostly because you never learned how.

2. You can access your higher self when you STOP. Stop for a friggin second.

Stop texting, stop obsessing, just stop.

3. Create space. (Some people call this meditation, it doesn’t matter what you call it.)

This can be done while showering, or doing any repetitive action as jogging, walking, laundry, etc…. this is usually when our higher-self can sneak in!

What if you consciously created more space in your days to hear this amazing resource right with you all the time?

4. Use a journal to log your random insights that “come out of nowhere”

Our higher-self is the thing coming out of nowhere.

It’s kinda bad-ass and really friggin’ productive and effective to employ your higher-self more in your life.

But hey, if you like bumbling around not knowing what to do, then by all means keep being busy and avoiding space or silence which allows our Being self, your higher-self to emerge from the nothingness of everything-ness to give you real-deal advice and direction.

(It’s like having a little Yoda from Star Wars with you all the time!)