Seems we're all in search for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, or our plan to find the perfect mate and live happily ever after. Problem is when you get to the rainbow, it's storming and the pot is full of muddy water. And that perfect mate scenario – guess again!!

So then what is happiness? People have agonized over this question for centuries, but only recently has science begun to weigh in on the debate, and today we will also weigh in on the debate. Let me start by telling you what happiness is not…

– Happiness is Not: Being Rich or Affording Everything You Want
– Happiness is Not: Feeling Good All The Time
– Happiness is Not: A Final Destination
So, Then What Is Happiness?
Too many struggle with unhappiness, addiction, toxic relationships, and so on. Patricia Noll has discovered a unique approach to real happiness that can change the lives of many, including your own. We'll get the skinny on that and she'll tell us about the four attachments…

Televised self-esteem expert, Patricia Noll, is a speaker, consultant and the author of Good With Me: A Simple Approach to Real Happiness from the Inside Out. She is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified Addictions Professional, and an Acupuncture Physician, and founder of The Good With Me Grassroots Community Initiative and Focus One, an Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Program licensed by the state of Florida in 1989. For over 26 years she’s helped thousands of troubled individuals from all walks of life discover the secret to Real Happiness from the inside out instead of from the outside in. She knows first-hand that being Good With Me and happy for real is easier than you think. Dr. Noll’s addiction treatment manual has received endorsements from Deepak Chopra, Jacquelyn Small, Dr. Larry Dossey, and Jack Kornfield.

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Good With Me: A Simple Approach to Real Happiness from the Inside Out