Great leaders are Godly leaders. They are men and women who spend time with God before making decisions for people. From Solomon to George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln to others… leaders publicly and audibly prayed for the people whom they served.

The story of Solomon in today’s message will inspire, motivate, and perhaps even raise a few eyebrows as I touch on the character and qualities of true leadership in “What Happens When Americans Pray.” 

Beginning with 2 Chronicles Chapter 6-7, you will realize that the first president was ordained of God and took orders from God. He was not called a President, but a King. He represented a nation. God held the leaders to a higher standard and a wanted them to express love for the people over whom they were given the charge.

Listen closely as I identify some specific qualities and see how you too as an American become a more diligent prayer partner to leadership.

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