A level-eyed historical analysis of the Hanukah story from 165 BC is often interpreted as an unlikely victory of an intrepid band of righteous warriors against an evil empire. In reality, it was a war by nationalist elements in the Jewish population of Judah against globalist Jews and the globalist Seleucid Empire. The war was won, barely, because of exceptional leadership by the Hasmonean family and even more so because the Seleucid Empire was in its final stages of decline and Rome has not yet asserted itself in the Middle East. Uprisings against Rome at the height of its power in 70 and 150 AD led to disastrous consequences for Jews, including a bi-millennial exile. 

The true lessons of Hanukah are thus that victories are few whereas defeats are many and ideology alone is never enough. Choosing the right historical moment and having the right leadership in place is what it takes to win. 

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