A famous English banker, Baron Lord Rothschild, is credited with advising, “The time to buy was when there was blood in the streets.” His meaning was to take profits when all was in disarray. China has given us a good opportunity when a Chinese spokesman inadvertently revealed their game plan, one specifically designed to make America compliant with Chinese demands. 

Being Communists since 1949, the Chinese people have been conditioned to do as they are told, never deviate from the party line and otherwise keep their mouths shut because the Party knows best. Sounds just like what our Deep State elites want, doesn’t it?

Since Marxism was violently introduced by Mao Tse Tung, China has not been known for its contribution of original thought or practical sense. It has stolen or copied everything they produce.

Since Mao, Its societal philosophy has been to force all to accept the conformity of secular standardization as Chairman Mao said it was. To create the needed conformity, the Maoist Communist Party roused mobs of indoctrinated youths, mostly peasants dressed alike in black Mao suits, and sent them swarming out into the streets to attack and destroy centuries of China’s history and religion. Mao’s “Little Red Book,” his secular bible of political conformity, was displayed openly by everyone if they wanted to show unity with Chairman Mao lest they faced public scorn and humiliation and risked going to prison for reeducation. 

It was from a product of these woeful top down conditioning methods that a Chinese official inadvisedly, publicly bragged that China was in a position to withhold anti-Coronavirus medicine from the American market.

There was also the threat that toilet paper production could be reduced if not stopped all together if Trump didn’t stop calling their Coronavirus the China Virus. Oh! Trump hit a nerve and the compliant American media, on China’s behalf, gangs up on him by calling him a “racist” for identifying the virus as the China virus. The Leftist media would rather lie to us than tell the truth. But, we know that! 

One wonders, if under those media set parameters, calling Mexican crime gangs the “Mexican mafia” is also racist? Just asking!

Here’s our opportunity: drop China from the TPP. America must immediately cease purchasing toilet paper from China. If that product becomes such a priority, “when there is crap in the streets,” you can bet paper producers here in America will step in and fill the void. Too, we should start the process of returning all of our manufacturing industry from China back to American shores, a reverse NAFTA so to speak. Our economy will survive, wages and prices will adjust to market demands and small family business ventures may have an opportunity to start up again, well, so long as the Democrats are kept out of government.

Racism as a pejorative has lost its sting. We should stop using COVID-19 and call it truthfully for what it is, the “China virus” as the president does, or even the “Wuhan virus,” as Secretary of State Pompeo does. It’s not being racist but being truthful.

Yet our media continues to challenge the President as a racist when nobody really cares. It marks them as true propagandists for China’s brand of identity politics. There remains no purpose for the media to continued demonizing Trump with their fake outrage because nobody’s listening to their lies anymore. 

Trump politely reminds us daily, over the objections of the outraged media, that China was the source of the Coronavirus and that Beijing needs to be held accountable for the Pandemic covering the world. China’s authoritarian practices has prolonged the virus that is inflicting suffering on people worldwide, and there’s nothing racist about that! 

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!