Just like the madcap antics of the Three Stooges, the Socialist Democrats’ antics and speeches are hilarious. One can hear more nonsense in a candidate’s speech or their answers to a single debate question, than what takes place in an entire half hour of a Three Stooges episode.

It’s truly amazing how much claptrap is coming out of the Socialist Democrat Party nowadays. Some of the things they come up with can give one a belly laugh far heartier than the ones generated by the Three Stooges, even in some of the funniest Stooges episodes.

Though we may laugh at most of the outrageous things currently being said on the campaign trail by any of the large number of Socialist Democrat candidates running for President, the laughter quickly subsides when we realize that they’re not trying to be funny. They’re dead serious in what they intend to do to this country if they ever are elected.

As a boy growing up my Saturday mornings almost always included a couple of hours of watching episodes of the Three Stooges on the family’s TV, as did most of my close circle of friends. And though it was discouraged by our teachers at school on Monday, my friends and I would try to mimic the antics and voices of the Stooges, experiencing a few poked eyes and knocks on the head in the process. Much to the chagrin of our school faculty and administrators. We tried real hard to copy them but we didn’t always get it exactly right.

Even today over fifty years later the Stooges still have a strong following as evidenced by the various cable television channels that regularly broadcast a ‘Three Stooges Marathon’. It’s usually shown over some holiday weekend when they will play one episode after another over a twenty-four or forty eight hour period. In addition to the marathons one can usually find a few back to back to back Stooges episodes being played on some television station daily somewhere across the land.

And even though we’ve all seen every episode countless times over the years, in some cases we can even remember the exact dialogue and say it with them during an episode’s playing, we continue to tune in and watch at least some portion of each marathon every time it occurs. They’re just funny, and perhaps there’s also a little nostalgia for a simpler time involved as well.

Watching a Stooges marathon reminds me a lot of what’s taking place right now in this great country. I’m talking about the Socialist Democrat Party’s Presidential Nomination process which is appearing on the television news channels, in candidate debates, and during candidate visits to American cities all across the land.

Take Elizabeth ‘Woman With High Cheekbones Who Spreads Buffalo Chips’ Warren (her tribal name), is calling for all college student loan debt to be dismissed. What a wonderful lesson for a college student and young adult to learn. That you can run up thousands of dollars of debt getting a degree that simply hasn’t got a corresponding job for you when you graduate, and your debt (not to mention your obvious poor judgement) will be forgiven.

Of course all those college students who preceded you and worked hard to pay off their student loan debt, well they don’t matter. They certainly won’t get reimbursed that’s for sure. Nor will the young people who chose to pursue one of the trades and paid for special schooling in order to achieve their goals, well they won’t receive anything either. 

Unlike the classic Stooges episode where the three comedic actors portrayed visiting college professors and engaged the students in a rousing chorus of ‘Swinging the Alphabet’, Warren’s plans are definitely not funny at all.

All of the Socialist Democrat candidates have pushed for a New Green Deal to address climate change at the cost of tens of trillions of dollars that we simply don’t have, and that we will never be able to pay. The same climate change mind you that has been occurring naturally for billions of years, ever since the earth’s crust cooled.

We’re now hearing that the Socialist Democrats even want to control what we eat for crying out loud. According to them we eat too much red meat and that contributes to climate change. It would be laughable if these political stooges weren’t dead serious.

If you’re looking for entertainment that will bring you to tears of laughter and you can’t find a Three Stooges Marathon playing on any TV channel, just follow the crop of Socialist Democrat candidates running for President. There ideas are so off the wall that they’re hilarious.

But if any one of them actually manages to get elected in 2020 it won’t be tears of laughter that happens, it’ll be tears of sadness that our once great nation is being destroyed from within.