Healthcare in America continues to of great concern for millions of Americans, especially those who are unemployed or on fixed incomes. It also affects people who are working and must contend with high deductibles. Democrats would like to see socialized medicine in America and more government control over the healthcare industry. But is this a good idea? There is an organization called Physicians for Reform composed of doctors, nurses, industry suppliers and providers, pastors and activists who study and have studied all aspects of the issue.  

Black Americans are impacted in a special way. Joining me today is Stephen Broden. He is the Senior Pastor at Fairpark Bible Fellowship, co-founder of the National Black Pro-Life Coalition, and President and Founder of Protect Life and Marriage in Texas. We will discuss the healthcare transition in America, the need for black people to understand the issues, and the preventative care needed to address the high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes that disproportionately affects black people.

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Website: Physicians for Reform
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Black Healthcare Coalition
Fairpark Bible Fellowship, (214) 826-0018

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