With great anticipation, heads were tuned in to hear President Trump’s news conference on a breakthrough for Covid-19. Speculation was that the president would make hydroxychloroquine more accessible to the American public. Perhaps the time had come, that HCQ might even be available over-the-counter.

But this message had nothing to do with hydroxychloroquine, it was an announcement from the Food and Drug Administration saying that it has authorized the use of blood plasma from patients who have recovered from Covid-19 as a treatment for the disease. So-called convalescent plasma is among a host of potential therapeutics that have been undergoing testing in clinical trials. The hope is that infusions of antibody-rich plasma from those who have recovered from Covid-19 can be injected into ill patients, kickstarting their immune system and allowing them to fight off the virus until they can generate their own antibodies.

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons responded with a tweet suggesting the administration did not go far enough:

HHS @SecAzar touts 35% mortality reduction for convalescent plasma. That is wonderful news. But meanwhile a number of studies have shown more like 50% reduction for HCQ given early. Give outpatient #HCQ an EUA too @realDonaldTrump.

Later that evening, President Trump retweeted Levin show out with the following message: 

Please watch highly respected Dr. Harvey Risch of Yale, on Hydroxychloroquine.“The evidence is overwhelming, there is no question, that the people who need to be treated, and are treated early, it has a very substantial benefit in reducing risk of hospitalization and mortality. And there has been a massive misinformation campaign that stretches from government to media – that is either suppressing this message or its countering it with a false message. I’m not an expert in why that is happening…”

“I am an expert in the science and I can tell you, the science is all one sided, in fact the science is so one sided in supporting this result, that it’s stronger than anything else I’ve ever studied in my entire career.”

“Somehow we’ve let politics override science,” – Dr. Harvey Risch.

Real Clear Politics sums it up very well:

“There are now 53 studies that show positive results of HCQ in COVID infections. There are 14 global studies that show neutral or negative results, 10 of them were patients in very late stages of COVID-19 where no antiviral drug can be expected to have much effect. Of the remaining four studies, two come from the same university of Minnesota author. The other two are from the faulty Brazil paper, which should be retracted and the fake Lancet paper, which was.”

The evidence does indicate that politics has indeed overridden the science, and for this reason, we can no longer stay silent. Joining Malcolm on ‘The Voice of a Nation’ to clarify the data behind the science and the politics that are killing thousands of people who would otherwise have a fighting chance, is Elizabeth Lee Vliet, M.D.. – Independent Physician specializing in Preventive and Climacteric Medicine.

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