The mass slaughter of innocent Muslims while praying in their Mosque is not only grotesque but also incredibly evil. The 28 year old Australian perpetrator Brenton Tarrant is actually an aberration among white supremacists since such white truly enormous mass murders such as the Oklahoma Federal Building destruction on April 191995 perpetrated by Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols and Anders Behring Breivik who mass murdered Norwegians in 2011 to stop immigration.

I called these particular acts an aberration because they are so few and far in between years wise. On the other hand, Muslims slaughtering non- Muslims (Kuffar/ Infidels) has been going on, not only relentlessly for the last 1400 years but continues unabated as we speak today.

Without in any way detracting from the monstrous act committed by Brenton, my questions regarding the inconsistent, hyperventilating reaction of the Media, Politicians, Clergy and Academics are the following:

  1. Muslims have been slaughtering other Muslims in their homes and their cities all over the Muslim world for 1400 years and particularly in the last 70 years
  2. Invariably, Muslims blow to kingdom come other Muslims of a different sect in their Mosques without an iota of remorse and with the same abandon and contempt they harbour for Infidel/ Kuffar/ non-Muslims
  3. Muslims have been murdering, raping, plundering and enslaving Christians in my country Iraq, Syria, all over Africa and Asia as well as in Europe and the Americas
  4. Muslims have been relentlessly targeting Jews outside of Israel in both Europe and the USA with impunity even in their synagogues
  5. Muslims in Egypt are literally doing their worst through bombing churches and mass murder to intimidate, terrorise and subjugate the only truly indigenous natives of Egypt, the Christian Copts
  6. Muslims of ISIS (the most perfect Sharia compliant Muslims) committed genocide as well as mass rape and enslavement of Yazidis in Iraq and then the Christians of Syria
  7. Out of an original 1,300,000 Christian natives of Iraq – one of the oldest Christian communities in the world – the Muslims of Iraq have reduced them to less than 200,000 and counting
  8. Almost every single day in Africa, African Christians are suffering the same fate as the Yazidis at the hands of African and Arab Muslims
  9. Christians are continually targeted by Muslims in almost every Muslim majority country on Earth
  10. Christians in general, are the most persecuted people in 21st century mainly by Muslims


Not once did any Muslim leading theologian condemn any of the above acts especially Muslims slaughtering other Muslims in their mosques.

Nor had a single Western politician of repute done so either.

Not once had any of the major newspapers or TV stations in the whole of Europe and the USA lamented or was outraged about the above in any meaningful way.

Not a single Christian leader – whether Anglican, Protestant or others had addressed any of these issues.

The most deafening silence regarding the continuous persecution of Christians by Muslims has been from Pope Francis the foremost respecter and apologist for Islam.

On the Other Hand

When a white terrorist does the same to Muslims that Muslims are committing daily upon non-Muslim/ Kuffar/ Infidels; all the Media came out from under their slimy rocks to shed crocodile tears while they ignored all the above for decades.

Almost every leftist leader joined the chorus frothing at the mouth blaming White Peoples for such a horrendous deed.

Just because in his rambling, incoherent and contradictory ‘manifesto’ Brenton mentioned Trump (White) and Cadence (Black), the usual Enemies of We the People, the news media, immediately and utterly insanely accused both Trump and Cadence for his vile act.

My question to the Media is simple: since they are willing to wrongly associate the names used by Brenton (Trump and Cadence) as the reason they triggered him to commit murder then why do they purposefully and with malice aforethought ignore and deny any association between the verses of Muhammad’s Quran inciting Muslims to Hate and War against non-Muslims? Why the immoral and unjust double standard?

These Western ‘leaders who are self-flagellating for a single horrendous act in the last 40 years or more by a racist white male against Muslims – even some countries brought down flags to half-mast –  but never shed a tear regarding the hundreds of thousands of Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews and other non-Muslims who had been murdered or being slaughtered as I write this article by Muslims in only the last 17 years since 911?

Not once had any major Muslim organisation ever bring out Muslims in their tens of thousands or even hundreds condemning any of the mass slaughter perpetrated by Muslims against Infidels in the USA, France, Germany, Russia, Spain, Italy, Austria etc.

My questions are as always very simple: WHY the double standard of Hypocrisy, Duplicity and Islam groveling exhibited by almost the entirety of the Western ‘elites’?

Why do our Western leaders consider the lives of Muslims more important or more precious than our lives?

Why since 911, did any Muslim leading cleric from Mecca, Medina, al Azhar of Cairo, Qum in Iran or Najaf in Iraq not ever condemn any of the acts of mass murder perpetrated by Muslims against non-Muslims anywhere on Earth?

Why are our leaders in the West more concerned about Muslims and their feelings than these of our own peoples?

Why are our feelings and perceptions less important than those of the Muslims?

Why are Muslims treated as victims when in fact and in reality they are waging Eternal and Total war against all humans on every continent (except the pole, so far) who are non Muslims until they either submit to Sharia or are exterminated who are the true victims of Islam?

Can any of our readers have logical answers or comments?