Were it not so serious for the country it would almost be laughable. Watching Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi giving her weekly press briefing is like watching a slow motion train wreck taking place right before your very eyes. She babbles, falters, and stutters her way through one lie after another never once making any sense or telling any truths.

She simply is incapable of thinking outside of the sphere of politics to focus on what’s good for the country. For Nancy Pelosi and her partner in crime Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, the only thing that matters to them is how any situation or crisis can be used to the benefit of the Democrat Party.

To hell with the American people, we’re all expendable as far as Nancy’s concerned. It doesn’t matter to her if nothing ever gets done to benefit the American people since we’re way down on her list of priorities. Raw political power is what she craves.

The bottom line is that Nancy and Chuck truly believe that we’re all too stupid to understand the intricacies of governing, and that we need career politicians to take care of us. We are nothing more to them than a basket full of deplorables, the dregs of society, and just a bunch of rubes and unwashed peasants.

Right now the country is experiencing one of the gravest challenges in our two hundred plus year history and Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats cannot put politics aside and work with the president to do what’s needed to address this crisis. 

She is simply incapable of bipartisanship. Her philosophy is and has always been party above all else.

Instead of recognizing the current Coronavirus crisis as a real threat to our nation Nancy views it as an opportunity to help her carry out her political scheme. Floating the idea of ‘voting by mail’ is nothing more than an attempt by Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats to commit massive voter fraud during the 2020 elections. 

Well Nancy, we’re onto your scheme. We know what you’re planning on doing this November. 

It’s clear to us that you intend to steal the 2020 election from the American people, focusing your energies on holding the U.S. House and taking the Senate back from the Republicans. Unless he makes a major misstep – not likely – you’ve pretty much given up hope that any Democrat can defeat President Trump.

So you and Chuck Schumer have decided that if you can’t beat him then you’ll do the next best thing. You’ll prevent him from achieving anything during his final four years in office. And especially preventing him from making any more appointments to the Supreme Court, preserving your party’s near psychopathic commitment to the death of innocents, even those at the moment of birth.

We’re not going to allow you to succeed. Your scheming and plotting will be all for nothing. Each and every time you lie to the American people the Republicans in Congress must call you out on it using the plain language the American people need to hear. A lie is a lie. And a liar is a liar. To hell with any House decorum rules.


Too much is at stake, our very country is at risk from people like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer who intend to destroy it from within. And the need to tell it like it is to the American people trumps everything else.

In plain language Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are liars, it’s as simple as that. And Nancy and Chuck are destined for failure because American patriots have had enough of them and their lies, and are going to stand up now and in November to prevent their schemes from succeeding.