The polls have closed and the media’s race for exclusivity is on. That’s part of the sickness. I don’t waste my time listening to any of their lies or explanations anymore because they’re corrupt as well. I’m pro-Trump because I’m pro American. I believe in the US Constitution because it has shown us the only pathway to social and personal independence for all Americans, and it’s in danger of being lost forever. Then came Trump!

Trump was a Godsend and I believe he will prevail this election too. He comes to the America scene, like many other heroes of history have done; flawed, with issues, but with a steel backbone and a belief in doing what is right and how to set about correcting America’s many serious problems. This flawed man came at the right time to the right place to do the right thing to save America from the pure evil that threatens it.

The near-hysterical four-year-long reaction to Trump’s 2016 election victory over the queen of evil, Hillary Clinton, and the revealing collapse of all governmental dignity in the aftermath of their many attempts to change the 2016 election results because they didn’t like it, has exposed a depth of corruption in our government that we as regular, deplorable Americans, couldn’t ever possibly imagine until it happened.

Joe Biden, a paid agent of the Chinese Communist Party? 

“Say it ain’t so Joe!”

Who could have imagined the depth of corruption that extended to our FBI, DoJ, CIA, IRS, and the Presidential suite? Unless there are trials and prison time, or a hanging or two, Americans will no longer trust those bureaus to act in their best interest.

Who will freely speak to an FBI agent without a lawyer present? I include the media as culpable in America’s march toward Marxism as Biden, Clinton, Schumer and Pelosi, and all the Leftist advocates of Marx and Lenin. The mask is off. The Democrats are exposed for what they truly are, enemies of the very state they corrupted. I am reminded of Robespierre, the brutal architect of the French Revolution. He too lost his head on the guillotine. Revolutions eat themselves.

We’re not nearly finished. After this election business wears off, if it does, it’s time for true Americans to start removing, career politicians, responsible for our present unhappy situation, from office. That is done by imposing term limits, restore the authority of police departments to maintain the peace, arrest or destroy on the spot, looters, rioters, arsonists, and street thugs, eliminate leftist policy review committees, restore sanity to our school’s curriculum, remove pedophiles from teachers ranks, and in all child-related activities including the Boy and Girl Scouts, restore girls athletic programs without male gender participation nonsense, return to the public place our historic statutes and freely display all the rules of law including the Ten Commandments, and the Bill of Rights. Stop the wholesale killing of babies too.

The foundation of our Judeo-Christian social standards of morality, now in tatters, has been the Talmud and the Scriptures replaced by feel-good diversity, multiculturalism, free sex, and an anything-goes mentality, unencumbered by moral restraints of guilt or shame.  

The election is over, yet we still don’t know the direction our country has taken.

If the Democrats think they have won, even by stuffed ballots, they will never, ever, give up the reigns of power again. Never.

If Trump loses, it’s because God has abandoned us, like Sodom and Gomorrah of Biblical fame. I don’t anticipate that eventuality. Americans are finding their way back out of the darkness but, we’re not near finished yet.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!