One of the most successful tactics used by totalitarian governments has been to silence any opposition over the years. Simply cut off the ability of individuals or groups that are opposed to you to speak out against you. If their message cannot be heard, then any opposition cannot gain traction and grow.  

What we are seeing taking place in America right now is right out of the playbook of the old Soviet Union and Communist China. Only this time, it’s the Socialist Democrat Party and their allies in the American News Media and Big Tech who are suppressing any opposition’s voices.

No disagreement with the extreme positions being pursued by the Socialist Democrats will be allowed. To voice opposition will result in personal attacks and accusations of “white supremacy,” “insurrection,” and even the threat of being penalized professionally. People are losing jobs simply because they don’t support the Socialist Democrat agenda. It’s every American’s right to disagree with those in office, for crying out loud. It’s what makes for a vibrant democracy.

Socialist Democrats currently have the power, so they get to make the rules, and they then control the narrative. Much like the Communists in Russia, China, North Korea, and our own hemisphere, Cuba’s communist island nation. And believe-you-me the Democrats are going to do everything they can to make sure they keep power in their hands and continue to control the narrative, using every trick in the book. Legal and otherwise.

Freedom-loving Americans are in for a rude awakening over the next two years, maybe longer.

The Obama/Biden/Harris Triumvirate is determined to complete the “fundamental transformation” of America that Barack Obama alone couldn’t achieve during his eight years in office.

And while Joe Biden may sit in the Oval Office in Washington, the real power rests in Martha’s Vineyard’s fourteen million dollar mansion. Barack Obama was a failure as a president, so he’s determined to finally succeed over the next four years in destroying the United States, the place that he simply hates. And let there be no doubt, Barack Obama despises everything about America and our heritage and history. From his communist upbringing, Obama developed an intense hatred for his adopted country.

Concerned that they may only have two years of complete government control before Republican voters toss them out on their ear, Obama and the Socialist Democrats are going full speed ahead to try to effect permanent change in the Halls of Congress to make it possible for them to remain in power indefinitely. Dozens of executive orders, statehood for the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico are just a few of their tactics at achieving a permanent majority in the U.S. Senate.

A majority run by New York Senator Chuck Schumer, the most diabolical and detestable member of the Socialist Democrat cabal controlled Senate.

To accomplish their goals, they collaborate with ‘Big Tech,’ the traditional news media, and even Hollywood to try to shut up any criticism of what they’re up to. Accusing American citizens of being domestic terrorists simply because they may speak out against the Socialist Democrat’s record of corruption and voter fraud is just the first of many more outrageous acts to come. Average Americans who have different views on issues are now enemies of the state as far as the Socialist Democrats are concerned.

Well, I, for one, am not going to be silenced. The Socialist Democrats can huff and puff and threaten all they want; many American patriots are standing together and proudly proclaiming “we will not comply.” American patriots will not stand idly by and watch our country become another communist hell hole like the former Soviet Union and Communist China.

We will stand up against what’s being planned by the Socialist Democrats and let our voices be heard loud and clear. In two years, the Socialist Democrats are going to be tossed out of office, no matter how hard they try to cheat.

And we don’t care what Moscow, Beijing, or what Martha’s Vineyard may want.

We will not be silenced.