75,000,000 millennials are preparing to join the workforce, Millennials want to enjoy their work. They want to enjoy their workplace. They want to make friends in their workplace. They work hard, but they are not into the sixty hour work weeks defined by the Baby Boomers. Home, family, spending time with the children and families, are priorities. Lack of these provisions means they are disengaged.

Don’t lose sight of this. Statistics show we have an EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT CRISIS…
1 in 5 employees are looking for a new job.
70% of all U.S. workers are disengaged at work. Highly engaged employees are 26% more productive, and their companies earned 13% greater total returns for shareholders over a 5 year time period. source: Gallup, Towers Watson

My Guest today Kurt Faustin says he was one of the 7 out of 10 people who was not satisfied in his work. He states “ From being a constant distraction at work with the “water cooler” talk or spending more time on the internet than being productive, We Were Being A Product Of Our Circumstance And Not Of Our Decisions. We realize that something was missing, there was the need to be more and do more. I started my own company TriUmph to teach soft skills and leadership skills that will hire and keep productive millennials in the workplace. 

Founded in 2013, TriUmph was created to provide hope and inspiration to all walks of life. Led by CEO Kurt Faustin, the company has educated and presented for social workers, residents in a halfway house, helped designed curriculum and presented in a prison, provided motivational newsletters and executed multiple successful networking events for young professionals living in Boston.

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