We have come some distance over the last few months, you and I, while I did my upmost to write the truth, truths that nevertheless, however so revealing and frightful at times, had to be revealed, must be revealed.

We the Sovereign over this great nation, the parent if you will, over our government, have failed to watch our child, the temporary rulers, those that apparently, over our American history, have become a moot point due to no term limits; may as well be dictators. It has been our responsibility and ours alone to ensure that nefarious people did not subvert what “We The People” built together as our compact to each other.

When our forefathers first arrived during the early 1600’s to this great land, it was to finally be free, free to practice the Christian faith as they saw fit, without the Anglican Church of England and the King bearing down upon them. When we decided that we could no longer tolerate the King of England after a long train of abuses, we broke away with great battles and bloodshed and won our independence. We ultimately decided that we the people alone should be the solemn overseer of a new but limited government, providing ourselves the most basic rule of laws in order to maintain peace and civility amongst us.

We have failed miserably to watch our government, be it local, state or federal and as our population grew to over 300 million, we failed even more so, to the point that those who would steal our liberties finally entered into our public educational institutions. Subverting the minds of our very own children to accept our government as the ultimate ruler of us all—

Texas Public Policy Foundation 2002 report:

Florida Citizen’s Alliance 2017 report:

As more and more people assemble through false teachings from public education, on the other side of the red line of diminishing liberties, America comes closer and closer to utter collapse to hard tyranny. In fact, sadly, the brainwashed electorate can’t wait to be completely controlled; they run to it as a child runs to its mother for protection and nourishment.

Yes, we are in the gravest of trouble as a nation. Though we walk around freely now, the walls of less and less liberty closes in. As early as the late 1800’s we were in trouble by those who embrace a large overbearing government, people who want to be in power in government, to pervert it, to draw power to themselves, they long for it. It has been a slow process, but nonetheless a very successful process based on rancid lies.

Given America’s present course, it is set for utter destruction of all our liberties, ushering in darkness, so vile and putrid that it may bring mass death in one form or the other among our population, by those very same types of people that started our demise ever so slowly, so long ago. Now, over the decades and through our current public educational system of brainwashing of our people, the numbers that would turn over all freedoms is on a massive scale, no doubt in the multiple millions of people. And what do the states do to address the problems with textbooks loaded with falsehoods, filled by the Marxist Left, especially those states that have majority Republican legislatures and Republican Governors, nothing.

Unless all school textbooks that contain lies and half-truths are eliminated from public education, we may only have a decade left as a free nation, possibly shorter where we will no longer walk freely as a human being in our nation and where our lives will be totally governed in all its aspects by the few in charge.

We may already be at a point where those who are good and decent people, who understand our God given natural rights at birth of individual freedoms, may never be able to turn our nation around in time and stop the demise of the United States as we know it. God help us all.