The TEN PART SERIES concludes as we explore the mass-changes taking place in society today from a 35,000 viewpoint! What are the greatest dangers from global immigration? Cultural, religious, economic, health and disease, or is it all political? Can Europe and the United States maintain their cultures with millions of immigrants entering their countries and not seeking assimilation but conversion of the countries culture, not learning the language and wanting to change laws?

Is the mass movement of illegal immigrants to the United States affecting global economies by taking the best and brightest and sometime just good hard-working people out of those countries? Does this in fact make these countries more vulnerable if they lose their best and their brightest? We hear all sorts of stories and reasons for the global movement of people, ranging from those of oppression by brutal dictators and corrupt governments, developed countries needing workers to replace aging populations, the benefits of diversity and multiculturalism, etc. How does all of this impact the future of ‘We the People’?


Dennis Santiago is a political analyst and regular commentator on America Out Loud. He is a subject matter expert in global stability and finance policy. Dr Carol Swain is a former professor of political science and professor of law at Vanderbilt University, author of eight books. Dr. Swain is the host of a show called BE THE PEOPLE here on America Out Loud. Terry Beatley is President of Hosea Initiative, she is an author, and host of What if We’ve Been Wrong on America Out Loud.

Viewpoint Presents is a TEN WEEK SERIES where we discuss some of the biggest challenges of our generation. Topics like Immigration, Socialism, The Orwellian State, Elections, Gun Control, Climate Change, Terrorism, Education and the Deep State. Thank you for listening and being part of the journey friends. Do remember to Rate the show, leave a quick review and subscribe to Viewpoint on Apple Podcasts by clicking here.

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