Who are we as a nation? What have we become and where are we going? These are the questions on my mind today as I contemplate the initial results of the 2020 election.

There was a time when your personal honor and integrity were the most important attributes a person had. What defined you beyond your financial status, your job, or the car you drove, “your word was your bond.”

The anecdotal evidence for voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election is apparent to anyone who wants to see it. If you choose to ignore it, I would have to ask why? The counter-argument appears to be that there was not enough fraud to change the outcome, so why bother. And then there are those who say they don’t care if there was any fraud as long as it removes Trump from office. Still, others can’t believe that election fraud is possible. Are you not even a little suspicious?

There are two camps that make up the people who just want to move on. (1) Those who are okay with the fraud if their guy wins. These are the people who can live with corruption if their end goal is met. (2) Those who just want there to be calm in a year that has been turbulent and part of the last 4 years marked by previously unknown levels of acrimony, anger, psychotic behavior, unhinged rantings of conspiracy believers, and the breakdown of all civility.

And then there is the balance of America, where truth is paramount.

If Joe Biden legitimately won the election, then so be it, that’s our system. You win some and you lose some.

I don’t know why people would want to go backward on the progress we have made economically; in trade deals; in American strength; in Middle East peace deals; in lowering taxes; securing our borders and in removing choking regulations. We can question their thinking, but it doesn’t change the outcome.

There is nothing more important to our nation than uncovering the truth. Allowing a stolen election to stand is a surrender to tyranny.

Joseph Stalin and Vladimir Putin win their elections by 99% margins and the western press line up to congratulate them as if the results were real. We know their elections are a farce. But should we be doing that here in the United States of America?

Why wouldn’t a democrat voter in Michigan want to know if there was fraud in their election? As a more conservative person I don’t want my candidates to lose elections, but if they won because of outright fraud, I would not want to accept that either. Am I alone in this belief? Is my country wandering along a path that ends at the edge of a cliff somewhere, and we all go over like lemmings? I pray it is not.

I would hope that every American would understand the value of free and fair elections. It is at the center of our democracy, our representative government.

We all watched a coup d’état almost succeed right in front of our very own eyes, and at the highest level of government. It wasn’t just Trump they were cheating, it was every one of the millions of citizens who voted for him. Are we seeing another form of a coup now⏤a fake election?

My fear is that this complacency, this loss of fire for freedom in our souls will continue to diminish until it is extinguished.

What about the millions of Americans who flocked to Trump rallies to cheer for their standard-bearer? Where are these people now? I am confounded by the response of people on the right, not the politicians, most of who are deep state creatures just as their left wind democrat cousins are, but of ordinary citizens.

The Biden camp will make every effort to dismantle the 2nd Amendment. This is for sure part of their playbook. I hear many conservatives say, “They won’t take my guns, I’ll fight them off before I give them up.” You can replace that sentiment with many others. “They won’t take my free speech rights!” But how will they really react when the agents of tyranny knock at their door?

After all, there are now thousands of words we can’t say, phrases we can’t use, symbols we have to hate, or we fear retribution from the mob. And what about the ubiquitous mask, you better wear it or else. Our restaurants are closed, businesses and lives ruined, and we don’t even stand up for a gym owner or hairdresser that is dragged off to jail for defying the rulers and opening their businesses. If we can’t even do that, but we expect people to fight back on other things?

When the confiscators come, sure, there will be anger, and maybe some cursing as they pick up the pile of guns from our porches. Those that do decide to stand up will be spending time with the hairdresser or gym owner on block C, there will be plenty of room after the prisoners are released.

If Biden won legitimately, then we should accept it, present better ideas, and a better candidate next time, make our case for our vision. But if the election was stolen and we watch the parade march through our land without barely a word, then we will have chosen our own fate.

Stand up, be counted, make your voice heard. That is how change happens. Concession for the sake of calm is akin to the frog in the pot of water slowly heating up. If we don’t jump out of the pot when we see the flames growing⏤we will be unable to react in a timely manner.

Who are we as Americans?

We are split, we are weakened, we don’t have the same goals, desires, or beliefs anymore.

We see the past and the future very differently.