Los Angeles is a leading city in America, an entertainment mecca, a most diverse, progressive city that is desperately in need of a new kind of leadership in law enforcement; that is according to Mr. Bob Lindsey. As times are changing; many believe the Cannabis industry is in a position to be leading that change by educating folks in cooperation with other agencies. The implementation and reversal of the law from illegal to legal is creating dynamic opportunities yes; but significant challenges as well.

With over 18,000 on staff and 9,000 sworn deputies, being aware that it is necessary to take a seat at the table and learn the best way to govern and enforce the new laws while protecting and serving the community is front and center. Mr. Lindsey explains his history and experience in law enforcement and how leadership should look going forward. The LA county sheriff's department has been filled with controversy and has suffered; but with a new lens, Bob says, “by bringing  more community involvement and working through reframing conversations about law enforcement for we all want the same thing in the way of safer streets in the 88 cities that make up LA.” This is an interview you will not forget and it will compel you to research and learn more about Bob Lindsey.

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Website: Bob4sheriff.com