Don’t let your children hate you or believe you are the enemy. Let’s see if we can get our millennial and snowflakes to understand that they have been lied to over and over again by the people that they trusted.

As the saying goes full me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Let’s not be fooled twice.

We know what this coming election is all about. It is about, the heart, soul, minerals, natural resources and wealth of America and its people. We know what is going on. Now it’s time to let 2020 be the year of doing. Let’s take some of those lies, expose them for what they are – lies. Let’s become the truth warriors.

Are your millennials into music? You might want to play “Dogs” by Pink Floyd. Dogs is a satirical song about the rise and struggle of ruthless, cutthroat politicians, bankers and other (“yuppie”) public figures that feel they should be in total dominance of society and how they should be in total control of mindless general population, a.k.a., the “Sheep.” This song was released in 1977. What is happening today is nothing new. But our response must be new.

The old way does not work. When talking to your millennials, ask them questions. Do not make bold direct statements, they will shut down. Instead, ask questions. In a recent yahoo article, the way to handle deniers (that’s us) is not through science but through messaging. Why do you think that? Can you explain? Do experiments.

Let’s see if we can break down climate so you can have a conversation and bring out the truth.

Over the years the communists/progressives taught the school children to become climate activists by mixing pollution, which humans can control, with weather/climate, which humans can not control.

Fossil fuel aka hydrocarbons have nothing to do with weather/climate. Years ago they did contribute to pollution. Over the years the industry has cleaned itself and the air we breathe is about 90-95% clean. This is quite an accomplishment by the industry, and is rarely mentioned in MSM or school texts. Instead the communists/progressives try to spin the connection, to fit the narrative. So they lie constantly and skew the data. Since the communists know the outcome they desire, “control the fossil fuel industry and redistribute America’s wealth,” they feel secure in lying. Christina Figueres UNIPCC and AOC Chief of Staff, Saikat Chakrabarti, said out loud, the goal of environmental activists is not to save the world from ecological calamity but to destroy capitalism.”

Over time billions have been spent giving grants to scientists to skew the data. Their reports eliminate mention of the sun, or evaporation, or moon. NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, UN IPCC (United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Academics “scientists” have been caught in massive lies. They claim CO2 is to blame. CO2 is .03% of the atmosphere. A minute gas CAN not have an affect on climate. It is however a gas that humans expel so it is a gas that can be blamed on evil humans. Of course CO2 is a gas which plants need to produce food. This is rarely mentioned. No CO2, no food. Depopulation anyone?  

Since math is no longer taught⏤students have little or no understanding of rations, proportions, or percentages. Let’s try a visual. Can you agree that the atmosphere is huge and the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is minute?  

  • Think of a forest. If the forest was the atmosphere and one tree was CO2, would one tree cut down affect the forest? 
  • Fill a bathtub with cold water (atmosphere). Take a glass or thimble and fill it with hot water (CO2). Pour the hot water into the tub. Did the cold water become hot? 
  • According to NOAA, each year, the United States averages some 10,000 thunderstorms, 5,000 floods, 1,300 tornadoes and 2 Atlantic hurricanes, as well as widespread droughts and wildfires. Weather, water and climate events, cause an average of approximately 650 deaths and $15 billion in damage per year and are responsible for some 90 percent of all presidential-declared disasters. About one-third of the U.S. economy – some $3 trillion – is sensitive to weather and climate.  
  • Together watch a few episodes of “How the Universe Works” on the Science channel. Weather events have been going on for billions of years. Where were the humans during the ice age? When the Hudson River froze? When an asteroid hit the planet? When Vesuvius or Mt. St. Helens erupted? When an earthquake and tsunami hit the Philippines? Weather/climate changes constantly whether or not humans have anything to do or say about it. If humans are responsible for climate, then during a blizzard why don’t all humans go outside and breathe. Will humans expelling CO2 melt the snow? Can humans stop a hurricane?
  • UN IPCC Scientist Blows Whistle on Lies About Climate, Sea Level

Humans can predict and take their best guess. But a guess is all it is. Take Hurricane Michael. We all went to bed and it was a CAT 1 storm predicted to go in a certain direction by all the knowledgeable climate reporters reading their computer climate models. When I got up Michael was a Cat 3 turning into a Cat 4 headed in my direction. It landed as a Cat 5 doing massive destruction. The computer predicting Michael’s outcome, and the people reporting what the computer said were wrong, dead wrong. Yet these are the same people telling us the planet will be destroyed in 10-12 years. A computer model can not predict Mother Nature. We should be using these reports to prepare not blame. 

Why do they still want to eliminate fossil fuel industry? Basically because they don’t own it. Communist /Progressives know that the energy sector is a commodity that no one can live without.

Thousands of products are created using fossil fuel. Trillions of dollars are to be made. By demonizing the industry, they restrict and shut down the single largest growth industry in the world while forcing Americans to buy fuel from our enemies. Energy is growth. Growth means money. These same corrupt people have invested or own fuel companies all over the world and in third world countries. Supporters of the Green New Deal like, Kerry, Soros, Strong, Clinton, Biden, Bush, Koch, Steyer to name a few are also big supporters of fuel companies and have invested in these companies in Ukraine, Canada, Iran, Mexico (just Google them). In oil rich prosperous Venezuela, the first thing Chavez did when he took office was to nationalize the oil industry. By closing down American fuel, eliminating competition America is forced to buy fuel from these countries making the investors very rich. American fuel is evil but Ukrainian fuel is not? Rolling back restrictive drilling regulations is one reason Trump is being impeached. Communists/ progressives hate competition. 

Since the Socialists/ Progressives will not allow anyone to counter any of their narratives, let’s try a different approach. Ask your millennial:

Where does electricity come from?
How is it made?
What happens during a huge highway crash if you are stuck in your electric car for hours and the battery dies?
How are windmills or solar panels made?
How many are needed to power one car?
If land is converted from farming to wind and solar, where does our food come from? 

Play take away. Once fossil fuel is eliminated, what are they willing to do without? Take a look at the picture, this is a perfect example of how badly oil is needed to create products that enrich our lives. Fossil fuel/hydrocarbons make our lives easier. Because there is no progress under communism the old sayings and beliefs remain in place year after year. In reality fossil fuel in America burns clean. Without fossil fuel we would be living in the Dark Ages. No cell, computer, TV, glasses, furniture, PVC, and more…  Giving Thanks #2: Petroleum Do not demand, ask questions.

One last thought…A caller on my radio show sent me this. “My children are socialists. We argue every Sunday dinner. So this Sunday I told them I will now become a socialist like them. I got hugs. I told them to meet me at our attorney on Monday afternoon. Why? They asked. Since I am now a socialist, I must change my Will and leave my money to those in need. Wait a minute they screamed…This is the first time we have had a real conversation.“

Is America Worth Saving? 

“Give me the young,” is the cry of all communist/progressives aka the Democrat Party. They have infiltrated our schools and media. It is up to us to expose their lies and gain back the trust and confidence of our children. Without our children there will be no future America.   

Will you make 2020 the year of exposing the lies? 2020 the year of the truth? 

If not you, who? If not now, when?