Conservatives accept that the dementia afflicted Democrats are so, because they lack basic “Common Sense.” We know what “Common” means: that everybody understands the problem, and how to solve it but, the word “Common” leads us astray. If we substitute “Practical” for the word “Common”, then it becomes understandable why the Progressive Left doesn’t understand the meaning of the word “common” because what’s common to them is absolutely a mystery to the rest of us. We need to be ‘practical’ as conservatives, not ‘common’ as are socialist slaves. 

Most ‘practical sense’ issues surround what’s good for our country and what action we can take to preserve and protect it from the threatening world of Socialist incompetence the Democrats want to bring us. For us, the US Constitution is a very practical document that has guided us for nearly 250 years. We accept it as the practical basis of our rule of law. 

To the Progressives, the US Constitution is old, out of date and stands in their way to fundamentally changing America so as to enter the bright future of their New World Order. But we see its failure all around us. For verification, we need look no further than Cuba and Venezuela in our own hemisphere to understand where even practical sense has left the progressives. How can you have a country when its citizens are starving, unemployed, rebellious, and leaving? That country, if it’s as small as Venezuela becomes a hollow shell. If it’s an Island like Cuba, escape is more difficult, but the Island is as surely an empty shell. 

The question for conservatives becomes how do we protect the Constitution and keep the reins of government out of the hands of the PC purveyors of cultural Marxism? There is only one action we can do to ensure out country is safe and prosperous, and that’s through the power of the vote.

The conservative movement has rallied before in difficult times but they were all temporary lacking a clear strategic vision to move forward. Conservatives are not in the habit of getting “ugly” when getting ugly is what is now needed. Democrats do it all the time.

GOP presidential candidates never got down & dirty in their campaigns, other than Donald Trump. We must fight for our country with long term practical sense goals, challenge democrats with the same fervor they’ve used to try to remove our president and elect citizens, not career politicians, to office.

The GOP, first under Paul Ryan’s leadership has shown they don’t really support Trump. The GOP’s “elites” did nothing when they held the majority of both houses of Congress, under Trump. But times are changing. 2021 may see some folks headed for prison. 

We are also in a time where only the very wealthy are elected to office in state and federal campaigns. It was recently reported that over $20 million dollars was needed to run for the Ga. state assembly. How many average citizens have that much money? Only career politicians who have amassed wealth from being an elected official with outside support by lobbyists, can meet that challenge. Practical sense tells us that term limits are an absolute must and the financial backgrounds of every candidate and supporters should be public knowledge. 

At the end of Trump’s next four years, if our fate is to be left to career politicians and some weak President, we will still not have fixed the attacks on the second amendment, late term abortions, illegal migration, healthcare or many of the other issues important to our country.

None of this will be accomplished even if the republicans gain control of both the house and senate again. We must gird ourselves to not stop fighting or back down when it get’s ugly, as surely it will, but strive with a determined resolve to preserve our Republic from Socialism.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!

Image: AP