Is this the direction we really want for America? Our vote counts more than ever this election. We have the choice of mob rule and anarchy; or common sense, civil rights, and rule of law.

The country is at crisis point. Our colleges, like Berkeley, are refusing to allow conservative organizations and speakers from speaking on their campuses. They are allowing agitators to threaten violence and commit acts of vandalism on our campuses. The University of California says they cannot keep students safe if conservatives speak; yet Janet Napolitano, the President of the University of California, was the head of Homeland Security for the entire country! The rights of conservatives are being denied every day.

A highly respected Federal District Court Judge and Supreme Court nominee with an unblemished and stellar career, is convicted of sexual assault in the media, putting our country and his appointment to the Supreme Court in a tailspin. This was attempted without any evidence, and a willingness by left wing Senators to ignore the rule of law in this country for political gain. No one is safe from unfounded accusations of any kind if we let this stand.

Mobs of people are paid to obstruct and intimidate conservatives wherever they are; at their homes, out with family, at their jobs. These people have no buy-in to our democracy other than a Soros paycheck. Our media is too politically biased to recognize that they are being played by the puppeteer George Soros. They are willing participants in the campaign of disinformation to the American electorate. 

Over 92% of the media conversation about our President is negative. We have so called rap artists making videos assassinating the President and videos depicting Melania Trump as a stripper for a black President, dancing on his desk in the Oval Office. Every Hollywood award show speaks negatively about the President. Every Hollywood talk show host disses our President every night. The disrespect for the Office of the President of the United States of America is unprecedented and disgraceful.

Maxine Waters, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton, Corey Booker, Kamala Harris call for incivility against Republicans, wherever they are. Governor Jerry Brown says “someone has to do something to this guy”. The rhetoric of these people incites violence.

Where are past Presidents Jimmy Carter, George Bush, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama to denounce this radical mob and the way our President is treated? What kind of men have they all become? They are no shining example for American youth. Where are former First Ladies Rosalynn Carter, Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama in denouncing the way the First Lady is treated? Melania Trump has been nothing but a lady in comporting herself as First Lady and does not deserve the garbage thrown at her very day, yet our former First Ladies are silent. My respect for each of them is diminished immensely.

National publications could not put the Obamas on their covers enough, especially Michelle, with oohs and ahhs over everything she wore. Melania Trump is the most beautiful and best dressed First Lady in history and she graces the cover of nothing. Conservatives buy magazines too, but we are manipulated by editors to see only what the liberal media wants us to see.

Our police officers are increasingly restricted from their ability to fulfill their obligations to serve and protect the public. The control over police by civilian boards who know nothing of policing and who have political motivations has made the American public far less safe. Police officers themselves are less safe and unable to do their jobs efficiently. We are giving criminals more rights than law abiding citizens and judges are letting them off with little to know jail or prison time. Jerry Brown is freeing as many offenders as he can risking the safety of all Americans.

Immigrants and drugs flowing over our Southern border are devastating our economy and killing our citizens. With no border wall to ebb the flow, and sanctuary cities giving shelter to illegals, we have a catastrophic increase in drug addictions and deaths and a huge increase in crime in areas that have MS-13 gangs moving in.

Our tax money is going to support the education, medical needs and welfare of people that are in our country illegally, rather than the needs of American citizens. Islamic radicals are coming over our Southern border to create who knows what chaos and damage in our country.

Our FBI, DOJ and IRS have been infiltrated with left wing partisans using their positions of power to harm conservative Americans. President Trump has been draining the swamp and organizations like Judicial Watch are exposing the corruption in our government and our officials every day.

Our schools are changing history books and our children are taught almost exclusively by left leaning teachers. Our kids cannot wear a shirt or cap that is Pro American or President Trump friendly. We are removing our bibles, our pledge of allegiance and our God from schools and sports and organizations.

The second amendment is continuously threatened. Indeed our entire constitution is at risk by those who see it as a living document whose meaning should be re-interpreted by whoever is in power; rather than the roadmap for America it was meant to be when written by our forefathers.

Make no mistake, this election is a huge part of our fight for the soul of America. We don’t see Republican mobs, we don’t see Republicans dishonor our country, our people, our values, our rights, or our God.

The dishonesty, the mob mentality, the willingness to win at all costs, no matter who is destroyed, and what is destroyed along the way has to be negated by our vote. Republicans, conservatives, people who see what is happening here, must get out and vote. 

So many conservative votes are negated by people voting illegally. California has issued voting cards to thousands of illegal immigrants through the DMV. Every single conservative must fight now to win this battle against anarchy. Each of us is important in this fight for America, never more so than now. Love or hate President Trump, we cannot ignore the better path we are on as America under his leadership, and the downward spiral we will suffer if we stop his momentum now. Now is the time to take a stand against the corruption, against the Soros influence, against those that would take our rights and take us down a path to socialism. Vote and take 10 people with you!