“Two weeks to flatten the curve.” That’s what we were told by the ‘experts’ like Dr. Anthony Fauci and others with the Center for Disease Control⏤the medical and research professionals who we place our trust in to take care of us and provide us with guidance that we can rely on.

So Americans buckled down and accepted that we would have to all pitch in to fight this plague, but after two weeks, we would get our lives back to normal. And hopefully, after time, we would be able to recover from the financial losses, the closure of our businesses for two weeks, and the shutting down of our jobs would cause.

After the two weeks of the shutdown to “flatten the curve,” Americans were then told by Dr. Fauci and the ‘experts’ that with Easter approaching in the spring, we couldn’t risk family gatherings together on Easter Sunday. Religious observances were also not allowed; a congregation gathering together to celebrate our risen Lord was just too chancy. We were warned that the risk of spreading the disease was far too great in confined spaces like a church.

So, many Americans gave up our family Easter celebrations as well. No Easter Bunny, no children together hunting for colored eggs and candy goodies. In many communities across our land, pastors faced arrest and fines if they even held Easter religious services.

The “two weeks to flatten the curve” without paychecks or incomes stretched on and on. The American restaurant and hospitality industries suffered greatly. With dining indoors strictly forbidden, small family-owned restaurants had to try to be creative to try and survive and keep their employees working. ‘Take out’ and ‘curbside pickup’ became the norm.

But even this was not enough to keep businesses open. Americans want to dine in at nicer restaurants, not drive up, grab a sack of Styrofoam-encased meals, and then drive home to eat. They can do that at a Burger King. Many restaurants eventually closed and locked their doors for good. Their life-long dreams crashing down around them.

Of course, there were some exceptions. The tony establishment venues favored by the political elites certainly continued to do business, and pretty much as usual. Evidenced by the photographs that regularly surfaced showing politicians (mostly Democrats) violating their own rules they established for ‘everybody else.’

As the months dragged on and on, and the ‘goal-line’ for life getting back to normal kept getting moved farther and farther away, more and more Americans lost jobs and livelihoods. More and more businesses filed for bankruptcy, and dreams were dashed.

And all the while, politicians in Washington kept drawing a paycheck for doing nothing to help out Americans. It was an election season, after all. It was more important for Democrats like Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to score political points for the Democrats than it was to put the nose to the grindstone and do something for Americans suffering from the “two weeks to flatten the curve.”

Americans have continued to suffer greatly as “the experts” tried to get a handle on this terrible pandemic. Americans have suffered even more due to the actions of Democrats in statehouses around the country and in Washington, D.C.

Americans gave up Easter celebrations, Memorial Day gatherings, Independence Day bar-b-ques, birthdays and funerals, and the family getting together for Thanksgiving. Now the “experts” and politicians tell us that we have to give up Christmas as well. But I am certain that they will all be violating their own rules for Christmas gatherings, just as they have done all along. At the same time, threatening us with dire consequences if we break their rules.

No kisses for Aunt Betty, no handshakes or man- hugs from Uncle Lou. If Cousin Eddie shows up and he exceeds your guest limit, you’ll have to turn him away. After all, you don’t want the neighborhood ‘COVID Police’ to turn you in.

Well, I’ve got a message for all the Grinches out there telling us that we also have to give up Christmas this year so that we can “flatten the curve” and prevent the spread of COVID.

And that message is Merry Christmas, Ebenezer Fauci, and the rest of you Scrooges, and up yours!