We are actively fighting FOR illegal immigrants to illegally enter our country.

We are ignoring all of the statistics that show us the increase in crime, the increase in drug trafficking and use, the increase in sex trafficking, and the tremendous cost to the citizens of America.

We are fighting against our second amendment, and fighting against those who believe in our right to bear arms.

Our politicians and many Americans are fighting for those things that we have all traditionally fought AGAINST. I’m just wondering when this train went off the tracks. When and how did America forget who the enemies are and who the friendlies are? It seems pretty straightforward⏤but the actions of people and legislators seem to be so far off track from common sense and responsibility. I find it absolutely mind boggling.

We have vilified our police officers and stripped them of the tools that keep us safe, and that keep them safe. I will never forget President Obama wrongly vilifying Officer Crowley for doing his job correctly for detaining Professor Gates. It has gone downhill from there in every major city. Seems to me that police need all of the tools and all of the support and all the respect that can be given, which would allow them to keep us all safer.

Instead our politicians decide not to cooperate with police, to handcuff them in their jobs. They refuse to cooperate with ICE in removing illegal alien criminals from society, and instead release them back into our communities to rape our children, and murder our family members, and drive drunk, and rob our businesses and sell us drugs, over and over again.

Politicians have now removed cash bail so as not to discriminate against those who can’t pay bail, allowing more criminals to inflict more harm on law abiding citizens.

We are fighting with each other over killing unborn babies and if we can kill them until the moment of birth. What has happened to our morals here?

We are fighting our President, who takes no salary and didn’t need this job, but has given this country its biggest boost in my lifetime. We are fighting over any and everything left and right. If one side says it, the other side fights against it.

Some are fighting to bring socialism to America which goes against everything our country was founded upon; our freedoms, our rights and our Constitution.

How are we missing the real fights we should be fighting? We should be fighting those entering our country illegally, not coddling them. We should be fighting the sex traffickers and child abusers with everything we have. We should be fighting the drugs and dealers and get them locked up so they stop killing our families.

There is no way we should accept politicians releasing criminals, refusing to work with ICE, ending bail. We must put the welfare of law-abiding citizens before the welfare of criminals. We must put our safety and security first as Americans in America. We are fighting for illegals over our citizens. That is simply nonsensical!

We are fighting the wrong fights. From our schools, our media, to our medical systems. It’s as though we are in a movie and aliens disguised as humans have taken over the system. The corruption is out of control. The rhetoric is off the hook. The stupidity of the local and state politicians is dangerous to our society. They are irresponsible and partisan and they reduce rather than enhance our quality of life. They work for the worst of us and against the best of us under some misguided and dangerous thinking that they are doing good, as mentally ill people, drug addicts, criminals and illegals are given more rights than the law abiding hard working American citizen.

The brazen dishonesty and partisanship in the federal government has blocked the bowels of government, while Americans are victims of them all as well as their own disinterest in getting informed and voting for those who would move us forward, rather than coddle criminals.

The enemies are not the President and the police, families, religious institutions, private schools, good health care, unborn babies, good education, 2nd amendment or people who make money.

The enemies are those who would violate us and those who will not protect us from those who violate us, and those who take from us to give to those who violate us and those who enable the violators of us.

We can fight about everything, or we can fight against things that truly matter. Pick your enemy and fight the fights that matter and support those who support us. I stand against crime, I don’t pick and choose which crimes I like and which I don’t. I stand for Americans and our rights. I stand for freedom, the Constitution, family, freedom of religion, good and honest education. I stand against crime and politicians who enable it. I stand against corruption and media dishonesty. I stand against politicians using their offices for their own monetary enrichment.

Let’s pick our fights to help the mentally ill get off the streets and into institutions that can help them. Build a wall to keep illegals and drugs and sex trafficking out. Fight the fight to empower police with stop and frisk and broken windows programs that keep us safer. Let’s not fight to keep our streets and cities full of homeless people, but fight to get them out. Many need help and many just scam the system.

Every fight is not equal. Impeaching the President will do nothing but set the country back in so many ways, while solving the problem of releasing criminals will save lives. Solving the drugs coming into our country will save lives and families. Bickering over everything is really tiresome and ineffective.

Let’s fight the fights that matter.