We Are Americans and We Are Better Than This!

Enough is Enough! Where do we draw the line? Will we finally come together as Americans and agree to disagree peacefully or is the radical Left deliberately inciting violence and social unrest? Now the Left has moved from character assassination full on political assassination by radicalizing its base. We are Americans and we are better than this!

Retired Green Beret Colonel Jamie Williamson and former CIA Officer Del Wilber examine some of the weeks’ recent events of political assassination attempts and rising violence from the intolerant liberal Left. Amid unsourced allegations against the President, fake news, and control of the media and its messaging, tensions escalate into political violence which could have resulted in a bloodbath of Republican Members of Congress. Unhappy with the results of a free election and the defeat of their woefully flawed candidate, there’s a movement from the Left to unseat the freely elected President by discredit, disinformation, and a ‘popular uprising’ inspired by the likes of Antifa, Barack Obama and AFA, with funding from George Soros.

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