When a man or woman dedicates their life to our country⏤it is something we should celebrate, revere, and honor. People who undertake this type of career are a gift to all of us; General Michael Flynn is one of those people. He is a highly decorated military leader who has served his country with honor and distinction for over 30 years.   

At a time when many people would be looking to retire to sunny Florida or go golfing everyday, General Flynn chose to continue to serve his country and lend his lifetime of experience and judgement to the American people by working in a very important position in the Trump administration. This is an honorable man who is worthy of our appreciation and support.

He is also a man who was indicted and charged with a crime and sat waiting for his prison sentence to be handed down. And what was his crime? Let’s take a look at the investigation and find out, after all it was conducted by the best law enforcement agency in the world, the FBI, who are renowned as the greatest of criminal investigators. 

As a man who spent nearly 30 years in law enforcement myself I know the FBI is made up of some of the most dedicated investigators ever to wear a badge and serve, they were always viewed by every level of the law enforcement community as elite, well trained, and professional. If they said something you could believe it.

So, what did the FBI say General Flynn did to get himself arrested and charged with a crime? It is here we find some confusion and start to see some problems as we try to understand how this highly respected public servant could end up in a jail cell. This sad story will require some background information to keep the players and the timeline straight. 

The simple answer is that General Flynn was charged with lying to the FBI in the course of an investigation, this is illegal to do and if you do lie to the FBI during an investigation you can be charged criminally. But as American citizens we do have options here to keep us from getting charged with a crime. First, if you are asked to be interviewed by the FBI and you choose to accept that invitation you must tell the truth, this caveat is in the law. Your only option is to decline an interview and request an attorney. All of us have that right, we do not have to speak to the police, the FBI or any other law enforcement agency if we don’t want to, you cannot be compelled to answer questions. 

This protection was codified by a decision of the United State Supreme court in Arizona Vs. Miranda in 1966. This is the “You have a right to be silent” line that is familiar to us; commonly known as your Miranda rights. 

If the police or the FBI are interviewing you and believe you are involved in criminal activity, in most instances, they must advise you of your rights and you must make a knowing and voluntary waiver of your rights before the interview. Now there are a few exceptions to this process, but for the most part if you are talking to someone you think committed a criminal act⏤you should advise them of their rights first, then conduct the interview.    

Failure to provide someone with their Miranda rights and having that person waive their rights properly can result in anything the police or FBI get from the interview such as admission’s, information or evidence being thrown out in court. 

The next thing we have to put into perspective and understand is the plot to damage the election chances of Donald Trump and then once elected usher in his removal from office via a political coup d’état. These events and the charges against General Flynn are all intertwined and affect all of us. This entire scheme is actually a criminal conspiracy. To go any further here we have to accept that there was a conspiracy against a US citizen running for political office and then an attempt to remove that citizen from a duly elected position for political motives using illegal activities and arguably treasonous acts.

General Flynn was a pawn in this process, a piece on the board to be moved where needed to obtain the result they were seeking, the removal of President Trump and a successful overthrow of a legitimate election. 

A conspiracy is a crime of planning and action. It is clear from the recent events and actions on the part of the Dept of Justice to drop all charges against General Flynn that what happened to him was not simply an overreach of prosecutorial authority, but a tool of the conspiracy. The Bob Barr DOJ that is not beholden to the Obama DOJ or its interests has taken on the task of investigating and revealing the conspiracy.      

A conspiracy is not just an agreement to commit a criminal act, it has to include the people involved in the conspiracy taking action to further the conspiracy. In other words, they have to do something to move the conspiracy forward, if they do move it forward, it becomes criminal.    

In the case against General Flynn we now know that the investigators from the FBI knew General Flynn did not commit illegal acts and he did not engage in criminal activity, but they still pursued him anyway in an attempt to achieve larger political motives, that being, damaging President Trump. That is the essence of a criminal conspiracy and their actions are the furtherance of the conspiracy.

To understand how these conspirators took actions to further their conspiracy, which is the element of the crime of conspiracy. We need to see what they did. This is where we see the “Logan” Act rear its head. The Logan act was codified in 1799 and was intended to keep citizens and others from interacting with foreign governments in official capacities they did not actually hold. I can imagine at the start of the country there were concerns that wealthy people or people of influence might want to intervene in national decisions involving foreign parties which could clearly cause problems for the new nation. 

With that background information let’s get back to General Flynn. He was appointed to the Trump administration as the National Security Advisor and was preparing to take on the responsibilities of that job. At some point before the inauguration he had a conversation with a Russian official, something that is appropriate since he would be assuming those duties officially upon the start of the Trump administration, as long as he didn’t insinuate that he was speaking for the US government at the time, which was still the responsibility of the Obama administration. This conversation was used as the lynchpin for the conspiracy; they would insinuate that Flynn violated the anemic Logan Act, which would serve as the basis for charges. Now we see the bigger conspiracy coming into play.

The original conspiracy to prevent Trump from winning the presidency didn’t work. We saw other campaigns collude with foreign actors to create the famous dossier of lies meant to hurt Trump and his chances, we saw other campaigns collude with other American officials to take the election for themselves, which again failed and Trump won⏤shocking the world.

It is here that we must all understand my theory as to why this other campaign and American officials would work together on such an anti-American plot. It is simple, they thought they would win and anything they did would be covered up and never be seen by anyone. Anything that did escape would then be covered up by the majority of the left leaning and sympathizing media and in time it would all just go away. Unfortunately for them, their arrogance and hubris caught them off guard and Trump did win. It was here that they knew they could be discovered. 

I can imagine abject panic must have set in for many of them since, if the true scope of their actions were revealed, we might see the first charges of Treason metered out in many years, and against some very high-profile people. It is this reality that kicked the coup d’état into gear with a vengeance and led to the betrayal of General Flynn by these same people.

OK, I think we have all the pieces in place now, and we can see how the conspiracy took hold of all the players involved and how it was moved forward. The FBI led by James Comey decided to attack Trump at all levels to begin the destruction of his administration and the cover up of their actions. Director Comey said publicly he sent some FBI agents to the White House in a way he never would have considered during other administrations such as Obama and Bush. Their purpose was to speak to General Flynn about these contacts with the Russian officials before the Trump team was sworn in.

When asked if he needed or should have a lawyer present Comey told General Flynn he did not need a lawyer; this is a corrupt act as it sets up the General for failure since he was confident he was not under criminal investigation.

This was a lie and a violation of Flynn’s rights; he was most certainly a target of an investigation with the intent to charge him criminally as we all found out recently when the handwritten notes by the FBI investigators came to light. In those notes, which were hidden for months, an agent asks the purpose of the interview; was it to get admissions or to get Flynn to lie so they could charge him criminally, under the auspices of the Logan act, which has not been used since 1852. 

That notation and the implications of it is the smoking gun of the entire illicit attack on President Trump. It represents a mindset, not of legitimate criminal inquiry, but of conspiracy for another purpose. The FBI agents under Comey were clearly looking to create an air of criminality around anything Trump to bolster their made-up Russian collusion theory and provide actionable items for the Congressional Impeachment plan that was hatching in the background by like minded conspirators.

What makes this conspiracy and twisting of justice worse is that the FBI agents who interviewed General Flynn did not think he lied in the interview and did not commit a crime. In fact, the investigation was to be shut down when another player on the Comey team, Agent Peter Strzok stepped in and kept it open to facilitate the charges against Flynn after they threatened to pursue his son criminally. General Flynn did the thing any father would do to protect his son, he pled guilty to stop the persecution of his son. This tactic is not just wrong, this is disgusting.   

It is only now that the full story is beginning to be revealed, the treachery, the lies and the deceit are coming into view. As we see the whole picture take shape, we are seeing the greatest attack on our republic in its history. The level of corruption is unprecedented in its scope and reach. A fiction writer could not have created a more unbelievable story. The number of people involved in the scheme is hard to comprehend and the depths they were and still are willing to go is beyond shocking. 

If they, powerful elites in positions of authority, can attack a private citizen running for office and then commit treasonous acts to destroy that person while destroying the lives of other people deemed collateral damage then we have already lost our country. 

We are all General Flynn; we are obstacles to the power of those who reject our constitution, the rule of law, human decency, integrity, honesty and personal honor. If we stand in their way, we too will be destroyed with no way to defend ourselves. It is for that reason alone we must all recognize the enormity of this betrayal and the terrible place we find ourselves and we must speak up before we are silenced.