What’s with employees today? No longer is work a place to do a job and collect your pay, it has become a place where employees feel that they have the right to dictate their social and political views to their employer.

When Wayfair employees saw a work order for mattresses going to a migrant detention center in Texas, they decided that their employer should not sell furniture to a facility that housed migrants who had illegally entered our country. The employees staged a walkout protesting the sale, saying a cage is still a cage.

On a personal level, I am wondering how many of these Boston based employees have been to that detention center? Since their feelings are so strong that they should not sell beds to the detention center, are the migrants better to sleep on the floor? Where do they think these migrants have been sleeping for the months preceding their arrival at the detention center? Considering it has been the law of our land to secure our borders for as long as these Wayfair workers have been alive, and has been the law through every Presidential administration in their lifetime, what changed that they now have this conscience about these illegal immigrants flooding our country?

I am wondering if they fail to understand that the children have food and medicine and hygiene and tv and games, much more than they have had in their lives.

Wayfair workers had no business interfering in the company they are employed by for their political activism. The management of Wayfair handled this properly and refused to renege in the sale and delivered the furniture. They are in business to make money. They were doing nothing illegal or immoral. They were, in my opinion, bullied to make a donation to Red Cross, which they did. They did not need to do that and cannot let those they employ dictate how they will spend their money and to whom they sell. Employees in every job have the right to quit, but they do not have the right to dictate how the employer runs their business.

What these ill-informed employees did was to show their bias against our President, and their lack of knowledge about the entire border situation.

Walking around holding signs with sayings like Solidarity with Migrants, a Cage is not a Home, A Prison with a Bed is Still a Prison, you all look pretty foolish. What are each of you doing for migrants besides trying to deprive them of probably the best bed they have ever slept in?

Would they have these people come to stay in their homes, take their jobs? Do they have any idea who these people that cross our borders illegally are and what their past is and what their intentions are? Do they know that many of the children in these detention centers have been rescued by our good border patrol agents from human traffickers? Have they ever seen victims of human trafficking? I have. It will break your heart.

Do they want their diseases spread throughout our communities rather than stopped and treated in detention centers?

You walk-out workers at Wayfair are mis-guided, entitled and spoiled, with no real world idea of what you are talking about. The fact that someone ordered $200,000 of bedding for this detention center should make you proud of American ethic and proud to facilitate this order to bring comfort to migrants. It is naïve to think that the migrants are better off roaming the streets with nowhere to sleep and no food to eat.

I have personally been through migrant areas all along our borders. I can tell you for a fact that the migrants are free to leave most of these centers but CHOOSE to come back night after night to avail themselves of the services, food and shelter provided.

So, for all of you Wayfair social justice warriors who walked out, you should be fired. Let a migrant take your place. At least let someone who appreciates the job they have and who respects their employer have that job.

The company is where you work, it is not yours to dictate to nor to harm economically. Before you blindly follow some employee with a political bug up their hind end, know what you are talking about and fighting for. From a business perspective, some other company would have gladly taken the order and Wayfair would have less of a profit to pay you. From a business perspective, you delayed and inconvenienced other good Wayfair customers for your selfish act, as well as put additional work on your co-workers who chose to be responsible to their employer and do their job, and yours.

Wayfair is a good company. I use them often. Had it not been for the stand-up management, I would not use them again. You employees give me pause when I think of my upcoming furnishing needs. Keep your politics out of my furniture buying, and we will get along just fine. In the meantime, educate yourself on the truths about illegal immigration, the horrors of it, (terrorism, criminals, drugs, diseases, sex trafficking), and the consequences to the future of America if we have unchecked illegal immigration. Image: AP Photo/Charles Krupa