In the aftermath of Donald Trump’s election, many alarming trends have surfaced which have manifested serious divisions within our American way of life. All of the following examples should concern and even outrage you!

▶︎ There are two levels of Justice, one for the connected few and another for the rest of us.

▶︎ The whittling away at the presumption of innocence.

▶︎ An intolerance to the sanctity of life, evidenced by legislative moves to unfettered late term abortions.

▶︎ Attacks on men in our society.

▶︎ Hollywood making movies depicting the “Hunting” of Trump supporters.

▶︎ The doxxing of Trump donors.

▶︎ Cars vandalized which displayed Trump stickers.

▶︎ Antifa thugs (Modern day Brownshirts) reeking havoc in the streets, and yet no arrests.

I could go on and on…as the list is deep and wide.

What’s even most alarming, is the despicable trend to blame “White skinned Americans” for all the ills of society. 

This crosses over a line to Fascism and Nazism, which History warns, was responsible for the mass extermination of millions during the Holocaust, when Hitler blamed the Jews.

This blaming of “Whites” will not end well. Those that proffer this lunacy are stoking violence against innocent lives. Those of us who are alive today whom had nothing to do with the foundational problems that are the story of our American History. 

Erasing us will not help society one bit.

This disturbing trend will not solve a solitary problem facing our Nation. 

Unity of purpose is the only path to healing our Nation. 

To Those that want to divide us by gender and by our White complexion, had better be prepared for a battle, the likes of which, have never been seen before in our Country. 

Brace yourself.

Love RayRay and a Poem

Blind Sighted

I never thought “Whiteness”
Would fall on its face
And how I was born
Would become a disgrace?

Hearing those that apologize
Makes me gag in my throat
Is this the same Country
Where Mother arrived on a Boat?

I’ve always been colorblind
To all that I see
Took pride that my conscience
Allowed others to be

Whether we talk of Divinity
Or Darwin’s evolution’ry tree
We come from the same root
Brothers and Sisters are we 

What purpose does it serve
To Blame my White Skin
MLK talked mainly of character
Now it’s “Gone with the Wind”™️?

This is dangerous territory
It could let violence take hold
Those that would attack us
Could multiply ten-fold

This smells just like Nazism
How they blamed all the Jews
For countless sins of the World
Its come to skin tone and hues

I won’t allow despicable Racism
To determine my fate
Best we fully expose the insanity
Before it’s too late

Written by RayRay 8/10/19©️