If you are pregnant or have been blessed with a new-born; you will want to hear this show. The conversation takes us a journey of how powerful the connection is between the mother and her unborn child. The life force that is within her is nothing to be taken lightly as Helene Byrne describes in this powerful and educational broadcast on today’s THE ENERGY BAR! 

Helene Byrne is an internationally recognized prenatal and postpartum health and fitness expert with over 25 years of experience. She is an award-winning author/publisher, and the founder of BeFit-Mom at www.befitmom.com. Her mission is to educate, support, and motivate women to have the healthiest pregnancy and baby, and to inspire women to lead their entire families to better health and wellness.
Helene believes that all women, no matter her size or fitness level can:

  • have a healthier, stronger, and even smarter baby
  • prevent health threats such as gestational diabetes, and diastasis recti (abdominal separation) that can have negative consequences for years beyond pregnancy
  • easily gain the ideal amount of weight for their bodies
  • prevent common prenatal issues such as back pain
  • safely modify exercise in the second and third trimester
  • exercises that prepare the body for labor and delivery
  • safe postpartum ab rehab technique (crunches do more harm than good after baby!)