The Top Stories – Bloomberg’s move a slam on Biden, 2020 Democrats | Election 2019 Results: What can Virginia, Mississippi and Kentucky Tell Us About 2020? | Jeff Sessions wants old job back | Whistleblower Identity & Agenda to Remove Trump | China says it has agreed with the US to cancel existing tariffs | Erdogan says Turkey to stay in Syria until other states pull out | Michael Johns is the National co-founder and leader of the Tea Party Movement. A former White House speechwriter and a Policy Analyst with The Heritage Foundation. Ava Armstrong is a political commentator, radio personality and a best selling author.

Lawyers & Congress: A System Doomed to Fail – Everything Washington DC does is complex, from the bills that they write, to the way they communicate with their constituents – might this be because the beltway is overflowing with lawyers? It is said that ⅗ employed people in Washington DC are lawyers, politicians, bureaucrats, lobbyists and the list goes on is there any hope for draining the swamp? When you see that 97% of the political contributions from the American Trial Lawyers Association go to the Democrat Party, then you realize who is responsible for our medical and products costs being so high. Captain Stu Cvrk is a retired naval officer with operational experience in the Middle East and Western Pacific.

Corruption & Death at the Border: Cartels – The horrific targeting of American citizens just 70 miles from the Mexican border has put a spotlight on the death and destruction of the Drug Cartels that control the political landscape in Mexico. Conservatives and liberals in Congress were calling for action, up to and including military force to stop this bloodshed of American lives, Pres. Trump offered help, but Mexico’s President Obrador turned him down. Is the government of Mexico at the local and state level so corrupt the president can do nothing, or does the government benefit substantially from the drug cartels? What is the overall impact to Americans? DrRon Martinelli is a retired police detective, a forensic criminologist, and a national voice known as the “expert’s expert.” Bob Prevot is a retired homicide lieutenant and former manager of one of the nations regional High Impact Drug Trafficking Agencies as a homicide investigator and narcotics supervisor.

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