The crossroads we have all been talking about for the last many years is now in our rear-view mirror and we are in uncharted territory. No matter how the final outcome of the election goes America will change on January 21, 2021. How it will change is dependent on who occupies the Whitehouse after 12 noon on that day. 

If President Trump maintains his position as commander in chief⏤it is reasonable to think that the economy will continue to recover and will expand to heights we have not seen before. This is not wishful thinking, this is an educated guess based on past experience. Trump’s policies have led to economic growth that boosted employment for all of our citizens but especially our minority citizens. His policies have resulted in the return of many companies from abroad⏤to multiple locations across the nation which fired up the economy and increased jobs to record numbers.

Around the world, Trump’s policies have encouraged where possible and pressured when needed to get our partners in freedom to ante up their fair share for security and protection from the evils of a dangerous world. This is good for them and for us. No country should be able to duck their responsibilities and push the cost off to US taxpayers.

Terrorists across the globe know that Trump is not afraid to pull the trigger and take them out. We have many clear examples of high-value targets being eliminated when the opportunity presented itself. Power in pursuit of justice.

We also saw a resurgent sense of national pride. Even though this pride was portrayed by a biased hating press and left-leaning politicos as hidden racism. True patriots in the country knew that America First was not racist in its modern incarnation no matter what can be attributed to the phrase in years gone by. America first⏤simply means we the people of the United States have to come first in every decision our government engages in, and that means every American of every color, race, creed, or religion.

We saw historic peace deals in the Middle East, a place that has been the source of anguish, pain, suffering, and immense financial costs for Americans and residents of the region. These peace deals, if realized under any other president, would have been heralded as reason enough for re-election, they are that important, and more would take place in a second Trump term.

And while the list goes on and on, let’s not forget the power of energy independence that has created thousands of high paying jobs that have transformed the lives of many of our fellow citizens, Trump ushered this against the swamp and won a victory, not for Trump but for America. And finally, the triumph of the Supreme Court as it is populated by conservative judges who see the constitution as a bright-line guide for case decision and not activists judges whose disdain for the restrictions of government power on individual freedoms is the alternative.    

All of this positivity is real and tangible no matter how people feel about the president’s tweets or his demeanor. If we continue under a second Trump administration, we will see more of the same, tweets and all.

This review now leads us clearly to the new road we find ourselves on, a dangerous place fraught with the potential of the destruction of all we have gained. This is the Biden-Harris highway. This road leads us backward, both in time and opportunity to a place when the new normal was low or non-existent economic growth, job-crushing regulation, and high taxes that force jobs out of the country only to benefit our competitor countries and force despair on American citizens.

Now, to be fair, the political climate under a Biden-Harris administration will improve. The Republicans will, true to form, take a back seat to their Democratic counterparts⏤content to be the minority party, talking a big game about freedom and liberty, but abandoning these principles the minute conflict arises or they are put in a position to actually take a stand.

I wish this weren’t true, but history reveals reality very clearly. Think repealing Obamacare. How many brave votes to repeal it were taken, led by bold Republicans when there was no chance it would actually be repealed, but as soon as a vote could actually remove it, the Republicans folded mumbling platitudes and excuses as they slipped back into the swamp.

Another reason the political climate will change is the way the media will treat a Biden-Harris administration⏤it will be a lovefest. It already is, and the election is not yet formally decided. The “feeling” across the country will be less acrimonious, accusatory, and coarse. The tweets will all be about good things, like free college, free health care, and how we are all in this together. It will allow many people to take a breath and re-center themselves even if the long-term effects will be much more devastating than a rude tweet or flip comment from the stump during a political rally. We will have, on a surface level, restored “decency” to our national conversation, but it is not real. 

We will see a torrent of softball questions about ice cream and puppies, no legitimate investigative looks into potential criminality or corruption will ever take place and any evidence of such conduct will immediately be dismissed as “slurs or conspiracy theories” designed to hurt the president who saved us from Trump and the evils of individual liberty and freedom.

This kid gloves treatment by biased media does not serve our nation well, in fact, it damages our country. An adversarial press, acting respectfully to hold any administration to account is a greater value and a strong weapon for freedom. A one-sided press in the service of a particular ideology only serves corruption, and this is what we will see as plainly as a full moon on a clear night. The real tragedy of this will be the indifference which this obvious pageant of tyranny will receive. Anyone opposing it will be cast out, abandon, canceled, and removed. Such are the rest stops on the Biden-Harris highway.

I hope this is not true, I hope this is not what awaits us on January 21, 2021. I hope the Biden-Harris highway, if it must be, is one filled with open roads, beautiful vistas, and the promise of a better tomorrow, but I must look to facts and history to inform my thoughts. 

You be the judge, make up your own mind, but ask yourself these questions before you do:

Which party will lower taxes and enhance personal liberty and freedom? Which party will protect and respect the U.S. Constitution as the most important document of human freedom? Which party will protect your second amendment rights and ability to protect yourself and your family? Which party will secure our borders and create a uniform, fair, and proper immigration system? Which party will enhance criminal’s rights and limit citizen’s rights? Which party will explore and embrace socialist policy and practices?

If Trump was robbed by election fraud do we have confidence that our courts will stand on tried and true legal principles, evidence, and a desire to serve the constitution and reverse any fraud no matter the rioting and destruction that would certainly follow?

No matter how you answered the questions, we have to accept that our country, our core values, and our traditions are changing. This is not always easy to accept, regardless of the insinuation we make about a fraudulent election, stolen votes, or biased media, the alternate possibility, the tough one is this: Maybe more than half of our fellow Americans have decided that it is time for America to move on. Maybe individual freedom and liberty is a vestige of a time that has passed. Maybe the truth is that traditional America has run its course, this does happen – remember the Roman Empire, the British empire, the Aztec empire, the Egyptian empire? All of these groups of humans reigned supreme for a time, in many cases a very long time, but time passed them by.

As I pondered this truth of human existence and juxtaposed it on the American experience and viewed the facts at hand, anti-American rhetoric, self-hatred, rioting and destruction, a desire to renounce our history and re-write our past and march bravely into a world of idealistic socialistic bliss that is fair and just the way capitalism can never be, I am stopped cold by one enduring truth:

America is and always has been unique, a game-changer, a different paradigm, and an exceptional piece of human existence. For reasons that cannot be cataloged, pinpointed, or quantified in a way that reveals a simple set of rules or factors that can transcend all of the histories of mankind and that led to this magnificent country.

An American patriot is a man or a woman, of any race, creed, or religion that understands the gift of true freedom and liberty. Liberty and freedom and duality to the point of self-determination and self-destruction all built into the cake. American patriots feel that legacy in their bones in a way that non-Americans will never know and will only be able to look at in wonder and awe. 

It is this factor, this elusive red-blooded American factor that is our greatest weapon and shield against being overrun by the forces of tyranny. We may bend, but we will not break, we may flirt with that which appears attractive but is deadly, but we will not seek solace and comfort in the darker heart of man. Americans cannot renounce this legacy because I believe it is a gift from a loving God and part of a bigger plan, I ultimately accept this.

This belief is not at the expense of other nations, it is an acknowledgment of that which we see before us every day and have for centuries and it comes with a sense of responsibility borne of blessings. Mine is a perception that is controversial in this age, but one that has endured until recent times, and it will be restored because we are not in control of destiny, we simply live it.

We are of a mindset that the rest of the world can only gaze at from a distance, and puzzle how we do what we do.

Warts and all, America is different.