The 'Warrior Spirit' is crucial to survival in law enforcement and the focus on Police Radio today. Dave Smith is one of most notable Law Enforcement Trainers in the United States. He served with the Arizona Highway Patrol for years and was a pioneer in combining an entertainment component into his training methods by inventing a fictional Police Officer named  J.D. “Buck” Savage, whose obnoxious personality brought serious issues to life through humor. His training in Street Survival has impacted tens of thousands of Law Enforcement Officers all over the United States.

Dave “JD Buck Savage” Smith has been a law enforcement icon for nearly four decades. In 1998, Dave and his wife, police trainer and prolific author Betsy Brantner Smith, combined forces to create Dave Smith and Associates and “Winning Mind Seminars.” Together the Smith’s provide law enforcement training and consulting services that are unique, proven, and constantly updated.

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Lieutenant Randy Sutton in his “View From the Blue” tackles one of the toughest issues in Law Enforcement. Police Suicides. His hard hitting discussion brings the subject out of the shadows.