The War Against the President: Fictions of the Left

Ever since the 2000 Presidential election, when the debacle of Florida’s hanging chads disrupted the final vote count, the idea that a Presidential election would always end late on election night with a final, indisputable tally has been evaporating. George W. Bush won that election by a slim 537 votes, one of the narrowest margins in American history. His Democrat opponent, Al Gore, demanded a recount, but the process came to an abrupt halt when the Supreme Court ordered the recount stopped and the race was called for Bush. The response from the Democrats was bitter and unforgiving. Charges of cheating and illegal voting procedures were hurled at Republicans, whom Democrats claimed had “stolen” the election. The clamor eventually died down, but the hard feelings that the loss created laid the groundwork for the uproar that accompanied the Presidential elections of 2016.

Donald Trump made headlines with his massive rallies and his antics on the debate stage, while protesters took to the streets in violent opposition. Organized, ‘spontaneous’ anti-Trump riots broke out in places like Chicago and Berkley and captured the news. The national anti-Trump rhetoric was mean and ugly. In the end, even though Clinton received some 2.86 million more popular votes than Trump nationwide, the Electoral College gave Donald Trump a resounding victory in 30 states. The post-election bitterness of the left exploded across the nation. They cried, they ranted, and, most importantly, they refused to accept the results.

Liberal talk shows and late night television fanned the flames and the whining grew loud and belligerent. Demonstrators once again took to the streets. A shadow government that became known as the “deep state” leaked countless stories to the liberal press, and plotted the downfall of President Trump.

Plot to Destroy the President Today, the Democrat party openly advocates the destruction of the Trump presidency in any way possible. First they tried stonewalling legislation by refusing to support any Republican-sponsored bills. The narrow majority held by Republicans in the Senate made passing any major legislation without the support of at least some Democrats a near impossibility. But not one Democrat would cross the line. Even the left-leaning FBI obstructed government process by withholding critical documents subpoenaed by Congress. (Only the tax bill was able to squeak through Congress for a pre-Christmas win. )

Most recently, liberals have declared Donald Trump “mentally unfit to hold the office of President” and they keep talking about impeachment.

Fake News The mainstream media has been a willing partner in the plot to bring down the President. The vitriolic hatred for Donald Trump and the open bias of the media has left the worn pathways of traditional, honest journalism by the wayside, and created a new genre of misinformation that the President has coined “fake news”.

It is fake news when they claim the new tax laws will only benefit the rich. It is fake news when they claim Trump is “mentally unfit to be President”. And it is fake news when they create crises, such as the false-story about collusion between Trump’s campaign and the Russian government, that was based on a fake dossier commissioned by the Democrat party. In the first four months of the Russia investigation, special counsel Robert S. Mueller III spent over $7 million of taxpayer to examine this non-story. Although none of these stories are true, they have commandeered the news cycles and tied up the government for months.

The fake stories appear in the liberal press, reinforced by liberal celebrities, on social media, and in the mainstream ‘news’. They are created from made-up ‘facts’ and ‘quotes’ that have spread to mass viewership through the media. They are accepted as truth because their readers seem to be unwilling to take the time to check the facts behind the stories. The danger that these fake news stories represent to the stability of the United States is significant, because they distort, overshadow, and suppress the real news. They hide the facts that Americans need to know to make informed decisions about their opinions, their lives, and, when the time comes, their votes.

Are the Tables Turning? Ironically, the left blames Republicans for corruption and other crimes that they themselves have been committing for years. And the tables may be turning.

  • Hillary Clinton is facing investigation for possible collusion with the Russians because in 2010 the administration approved the sale of 20% control of America’s uranium supply to Rosatom, the Russian nuclear energy agency, while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.
  • The Clinton Foundation is being investigated by the FBI for engaging in pay-to-play politics and other illegal activities during the time that Hillary Clinton served as Secretary of State.
  • Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s most trusted assistant, is now in the spotlight for mishandling classified documents and posting them on her husband’s private computer. Her boss’ mishandling of classified documents may also come under scrutiny again.
  • Susan Rice, President Obama’s national security adviser, is likely to be investigated for her involvement in a clandestine political spying operation, that bundled surveillance of Trump transition team officials under the cover of what she claimed was foreign surveillance. The intelligence committee wants her to explain the justification for unmasking and widely disseminating some of the key intelligence assets and operations uncovered in this surveillance. And so forth….

We Americans have always prided ourselves on our free press, our knowledge about the real events of the day, and our ability to shape our own futures by being informed. And the news from the media outlets could once be trusted. But today, the fictions of the left, the “fake news”, and the dishonest ‘journalists’ and ‘news’ outlets are willing to compromise their integrity by publishing false, politically-motivated stories to satisfy a sadly uninformed public, increasingly swayed by half-truths and completely false narratives.

President Trump has done an amazing job in his first year in office, despite the best efforts of the deep state, the compromised mainstream press, and his political opponents to destroy him. The motive is difficult to understand unless one comes to the conclusion that his adversaries are driven by something other than the best interests of the nation.

In the first year of Trump’s Presidency, the wealth of the nation grew by more than seven trillion dollars; unemployment numbers, particularly among blacks and Latinos, are the lowest they have been in generations; and America has shown its strength on the world stage by taking principled positions on controversial issues and holding fast. The US, under the leadership of Donald Trump, has taken back the mantle of world leader, rejecting the notion that America needs to be subservient to the world community, and carrying out foreign policy that is, first and foremost, in the best interests of America.

New Book by Ilana Freedman

And despite his often wild tweets, President Trump is proving that he has a steady hand on the wheel. He is guiding the ship of state with purpose and integrity. He is working, against nearly impossible odds, to keep his campaign promises to the American people. Despite the fake news, the irresponsible leaks, and the determined attacks on his presidency, he is proving to be a strong leader for a country that has never needed one more than now.

Ilana’s latest book, “Hamas, CAIR, and the Muslim Brotherhood: The Plot to Destroy Americawas just released by the Center for Security Policy and is available on Amazon.

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