America may soon be in conflict.

As we draw closer to election day 2020, the rising political tensions between what’s left of the 20th Century America so many of us fought and died for and the Left’s continued push for a restored 19th century failed Progressive experiment in Social Equity, is approaching an intemperate boiling point for which we can only reach one logical conclusion and prepare for it: armed conflict. Actually, It’s already started. We’re just not ready, yet!

Marxism has eaten the brains out of the Democrat party and pushed it so far to the left, without resistance, that their violent political philosophy has almost turned cultish. Just by the continued nightly assaults on federal buildings in Marxist run Portland, Ore, we know that for them, there is no turning back. The Left has morphed into its own cultish acceptance of its manifest destiny, that their can be no turning back ergo, their can be no reconciliation between the two sides, no common ground, even Constitutional, for reasonable debate so we separate, glare and shout at one another or, we fight.

Separation is out of the question! We tried that in the 1860s and it turned into a bloody hell! One side will have to be destroyed. Will it be the patriots or the marxists?

The frustration of cowardly inaction by our Republican politicians is starting to boil over. More and more people are freely expressing themselves like this comment on a group face book page, (ATOT):

“To everyone instigating a possible civil war from all sides, let me give you a little bit of advice. Many of us served and fought in the wars. When our time was done, we came back to the USA to start over and live in peace. It wasn’t us who kneeled on the neck of a man until he died. It wasn’t us to retaliate by kneeling on the neck of a toddler saying “BLM NOW!”

You see, War is hell. Millions of you do not quite grasp this concept. We have been to hell, lived in hell, climbed out of hell, and don’t want to go back to hell. If you keep trampling on the peace we fought for, earned and love, then when that first shot gets fired, you will force us back to hell; and we will show you the brutal realities of hell. Y’all better work this shit out before we do, because I guarantee you are not ready for this.”

J T., (27July20), profound truths indeed!

The mounting desperation from the left will know no bounds. Already they are laying the groundwork for scramming that: “Trump won’t quit the office he lost to the will of the American people and, he’s a dictator,” etc, etc & etc.  They will demand their immediate inauguration regardless of the lost uncounted votes still to be found in election officials car trunks.

Beware the “Transition Integrity Project” another scheme of Anti-Trumpers, the ACLU, the CPUSA, former government officials (Obama’s), including so called Republication statesmen is designed to connivence us how bad the Orange man is and why he should be removed and the old order political establishment that served us so well with all its systemic corruption, double standards of justice and political favoritism, ie: the “Deep State,” reinstalled before Donald Trump ruins it all.

We are being programed to not trust the election outcome even if Trump sweeps the Electoral College. The anti-Trump crowd in all its manifestations, believe their own propaganda.

They proceed on the basis that all Americans are horrified by this President, his brashness, his “tweets,” his challenging of reporters for their perfidy in fairness, for exposing the Democrats as the crass destructive Marxists they are. They are preparing for war but, their millennial soldiers lack of a proper American education, hasn’t prepared them for the storm that’s coming, one they themselves will initiate.

America may soon be in conflict. Prepare for it!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get prepared!